Soli Deo Gloria

Nicole McGehee

Nicole is a mom of 3 children and has been homeschooling since 2017. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Child Development from Cal State Fullerton provided the opportunity to teach for a few years in both Round Rock and Leander ISDs. That teaching desire in Nicole was continued and began to flourish when their family was called to homeschool their 3 children. Starting on her own was fun and an incredible learning experience. Yet when her children started to get older and demands of learning increased, Nicole looked for support. Jesus in His all knowing sovereignty had already begun paving a path to what Soli Deo Gloria Co-op would be. The very beginning of co-op looked like a few moms getting together in their neighborhood for a few hours on Wednesdays. Before we knew it, more families were reaching out and we were building a co-op. Wouldn’t you know it that just at the time the directors were looking for a church location to host co-op, that the pandemic was in full swing! What church was going to allow 50 kids to meet in their building? Well, Jesus again supernaturally provided! HE is so good! Nicole has been a director since SDG officially began to meet at Hill Country of the Nazarene in 2020.

Grace Cowden

Grace is a mom of 4 and has been homeschooling since 2020. She is originally from Southern California where she attended Cal State Fullerton and obtained both a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and an Elementary Teaching Credential. She taught 5th grade in both Round Rock and Leander ISDs until her first child was born. Fast-forward to 2020 when she began to ask the Lord if it was time to bring her children home from public school and take on the privilege and responsibility of educating them with her husband. Through fasting, prayer, and the encouragement of trusted friends and family, she and her husband knew the Lord was leading them to homeschooling. She quickly connected with her dear friend Nicole and asked her to support her as she dove into the unknown waters. Grace joined SDG in its first year where she gained confidence and a new community of fellow homeschooling families. It was an honor when she was invited to be a co-director beginning in the 2023-2024 school year.