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Kathleen Beaulieu To All Instructors

Kathleen Beaulieu currently works as an Educational Therapist at Academy & Brain Bridges of Hampton Roads in Portsmouth, Virginia. She is a recently retired Reading Specialist from Norfolk Public Schools. During her 33-year tenure at NPS, Mrs. Beaulieu worked as a Reading First Coach, Reading Recovery Teacher, and classroom teacher. She received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Marywood University. She earned a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 1991 and a master’s degree in Reading Instruction in 2001 from Old Dominion University. She specializes in reaching students that do not function well in mainstream educational settings.

Current Classes
Educational Therapy – Instructor (closed)
Educational Therapy – Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET) (closed)
Educational Therapy (starts at 2:30p) – Instructor (closed)
Literacy HS (1.5hrs - 1:00p start) – (closed)
Literacy I (1.5hrs - 8:00 start) – Instructor (closed)
Literacy II (1.5hrs - 11:30 start) – Instructor (closed)
Private Tutoring – Instructor (closed)
Private Tutoring – Instructor (closed)
Private Tutoring (starts at 3:30p) – Instructor (closed)
Private Tutoring (starts at 3:30p) – Instructor (closed)
Educational Therapy (Language Processing/Critical Thinking) with KB – Educational Therapist (closed)
Educational Therapy with KB – Educational Therapist (closed)
Literacy HS Reading- 2024 – Educational Therapist (open)
Literacy HS Writing - 2024 – (open)
Literacy I - 2024 – Instructor (open)
Literacy II 2024 – Instructor (open)