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My son started PATHS therapeutic support services three years ago at age 7. This is a side-by-side of his very first day in educational therapy to the end of year three, now age 10. Not only is his handwriting better than mine, but he is now my “dictionary” when I have questions about grammar or phonics when teaching my younger two children. PATHS has top-notch therapists who really know and care for their students. I’m grateful for a program that values my child for who he is and caters to his learning needs.

Bekah Fowler

The Educational Therapy at PATHS has changed the life of more than one of my children! I am so thankful for Mrs McBreen and her team of caring therapists.

We love PATHS and all that it offers our family. The classes, enrichments, and therapy are only topped by the amazing and caring staff.

The Ward Family

My son Andrew completed 3 years of educational therapy. When he began, he could not read above a pre-K level, he could barely write his name, and he was not very proficient in math. He was 9 years old. Almost 10. Getting him to participate in therapy was difficult. Paying for it was a sacrifice. Doing the required work at home was a challenge (and we often failed). Managing to get him there and back four times a week that first year was a nightmare. 

All the Xs on his initial testing showed that he was “extremely limited” in all but one category. I cried while he was taking the test in the next room. I could hear his frustration. I could feel his heart breaking because there was so much he did not know. I could see defeat on his little face.

The first year, he made some progress, but not enough. We had been through some hardships as a family that prevented us from fully committing to the program. But this past year, even with the hardships continuing in our family, we put in the work and stuck with the program. Andrew persisted and persevered. And with his hard work and ours, those Xs moved. And in his third year, he progressed even more. So take that dyslexia! Take that dysgraphia! YOU DID NOT BEAT HIM. I treasure all the educational therapists who had a hand in his journey--Kristen Goldbach, Gail Powers, and Amanda McBreen. Thank you is not enough.

S. D.

One conversation with Amanda McBreen changed my life forever - because of that conversation, all three of my sons (Asperger's, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, auditory processing) underwent educational therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic math classes, and Academy with exceptional results academically and cognitively. The growth I have seen in them over the past two years is a tribute to the dedication of Amanda, Dr. Goldbach, Pinar and the plethora of teachers and therapists who have poured their love, energy, patience, and time into growing and shaping my sons. These programs were an absolute Godsend!

R. Cooper

In 3 months, my son went from struggling to read phonics books, to now reading level 2 (not quite grade level) books willingly, WILLINGLY, to his sister at night. That makes me want to cry as a parent. He is starting to actually comprehend what he reads (still a struggle) but so, so improved from where he was at in August of 2020.

Kristina Beville

"You remind me of a movie I watched when a man was asked, 'What do you do for a living?', and he replied, 'I make a difference.' - because that's what you do."



I had a 12-year-old dyslexic son who was illiterate, though not for lack of trying. We got him into educational therapy and a class with reading specialist Kathy Beaulieu. Halfway through the first year, I found a note he WROTE sitting on a table - "Don't touch my socks" - and became a believer. He's almost 14 now, reads on grade level, and has improved self esteem and confidence. Kathy changed my son's life and I will never be able to thank her enough!

Grateful Mom


"I just don't know how my brain is doing this!" (after saying her entire bluebook page and reading words).


As a new homeschool parent, I was very unsure of how to best support my daughter. Meeting Amanda McBreen and Dr. Goldbach was the biggest blessing. We chose the homeschool route because we felt our daughter was being pushed through the public school system. She was struggling with reading and phonics, yet progressing through the grade levels. I wasn't sure what to do or how to help, but Amanda recommended WISC and Woodcock-Johnson testing in order to get a more complete view of her achievement and abilities. We started my daughter in educational therapy and after only seven months of working with Gail Powers, she showed an improvement of TWO grade levels in her achievement testing. She has a new-found love of reading, has improved in spelling, and looks forward to her therapy days.

A. S.