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Testing Services

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Admissions Testing is required for:

  • Placement into the Academy Program
  • Placement into individual math classes (i.e. Algebra, Geometry, etc.)

WISC and Woodcock-Johnson Testing is required for:

  • Placement into individual educational therapy
  • Placement into Therapeutic Literacy and Therapeutic Math classes

*If you have multiple children you are interested in testing for, please complete a separate form for each child.

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Parent First and Last Name

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Phone Number

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Email Address

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Child Name and Age/Grade

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What kind of testing are you looking to schedule?

I'm interested in Academy entrance testing ($50) I'm interested in Brain Bridges entrance testing ($275 WISC-V; $175 Woodcock-Johnson IV)
I'm interested in math placement testing ($35) I'm not sure what testing is right for me and would like to discuss further.

Relevant information (i.e. former testing, relevant prior educational experiences, concerns you have, etc.)