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Admissions Testing is required for:

  • Placement into the Academy Program (Pre-K through 8th grade)
  • Placement into individual math classes (i.e. Algebra, Geometry, etc.)

*For high school placement, please choose the math only placement option.

WISC and Woodcock-Johnson Testing is required for:

  • Placement into individual educational therapy
  • Placement into Therapeutic Literacy and Therapeutic Math classes

*If you have multiple children you are interested in testing for, please complete a separate form for each child.

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Parent First and Last Name

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Phone Number

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Email Address

4. *

Child Name and Age/Grade

5. *

What kind of testing are you looking to schedule?

I'm interested in Academy entrance testing ($50) I'm interested in therapeutic services entrance testing ($275 WISC-V; $175 Woodcock-Johnson IV)
I'm interested in math placement testing ($35) I'm not sure what testing is right for me and would like to discuss further.


The following questions provide additional context for us to help find the correct testing services for your child:

6. *

Has your child ever been formally diagnosed with or suspected to have any of the following? Check all that apply:

 (1 required)
Learning Disability (dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc) ADHD
Autism Spectrum Disorder An emotional or behavioral disorder
Other special needs No formal or suspected diagnoses
7. *

Has your child ever had an IEP or 504 plan?

Yes No
8. *

Has your child had any testing done? (i.e. WISC, Woodcock-Johnson, Stanford-Binet, Kaufman, etc.)

If yes, please add relevant details in the "additional information" section.

Yes, my child has had testing within the last 2 years Yes, my child has had testing over 2 years ago
No, my child has not had any formal testing

Other Relevant information (i.e. former testing, relevant prior educational experiences, concerns you have, etc.)