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Kathy Ranfeld To All Instructors

Kathy Ranfeld has taught since graduating college. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and is a passionate Christian who loves teaching and learning. She began her career educating children in their formative years, specifically first and second grades in a private school. Upon completing her master's degree in Special Education, she continued to teach primary age children in both special education and regular education settings.

Kathy resigned from the classroom to become a full-time mom, but desired to continue teaching so she began tutoring from home working with kids who struggled with reading and math. Kathy homeschooled her own kids through high school and when the opportunity arose to teach at an academy program, Kathy quickly embraced working with older children and has spent the past eight years teaching 5-7th grade in that setting.

Kathy holds an Orton Gillingham certification and continues to work one-on-one with kids who struggle with reading and math. She is a lifelong learner who endeavors to pass that desire on to her students. In her free time, she loves hiking, biking, and playing volleyball!

Current Classes
6th, 7th Grade Academy – Instructor (closed)
7th - PreAlgebra ONLY (1.5 hr) – Instructor (closed)
Study Hall - 2p Thur – Instructor (closed)
Study Hall - 2p Tue – Instructor (closed)
Study Hall - 1p Thur – Instructor (closed)
Study Hall - 1p Tue – Instructor (closed)
6th/7th Grade Academy - 2024 – Instructor (open)
7th Grade PreAlgebra ONLY (1.5 hr) - 2024 – Instructor (open)