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Mrs. Daysha Clark To All Instructors

Daysha Clark is a photographer, graphic designer, compulsive crafter, and homeschooling mother of two that just wants to make the world look really, really good. Sewing, graphic design, photography, digital art, and spontaneous crafting occupy much of her free and professional time.  It’s also her firm belief that the drive and ability to create lies in every single person, an important part of the image of the Creator in all His children.  It just requires an outlet that suits our individual gifts.

Ms. Clark has been working professionally in portrait and family docu photography for over 10 years under her freelance brand. As DC Imageworks, she also works as a graphic designer with a specialty in logo and branding design, and has been fortunate to create branding for a shop in Norofolk’s Selden Market (VA Goods), product packaging and promotional art for a non-profit (Dandelion Project), a team logo for a roller derby league (Mid-Atlantic Roller Derby), and many others. Prior to self employment, Daysha worked in Visual Communications for The Educational Foundation at Tidewater Community College.

Daysha has been in love with fabric engineering since age 9, when Barbie needed a new dress.  As a very tall pre-teen girl in the midriff-obsessed 90’s, she also found a sense deep agency and confidence in learning to manipulate and alter clothing – and then everything else.  She made prom dresses in high school, home décor as a broke college student, award-winning cosplay as parent to two nerdy sons, even a vintage replica wedding dress for a friend. She's also used sewing to solve less glamorous problems, including adaptive clothing when one of her children required the use of orthotics as well as a protective sling for her injured cat.  Over 30 years later, she really hates to buy anything she could just make, and believes there aren't many problems that can't be solved with needle and thread. 

Across all her endeavors, Daysha has found that the cross-application of critical thinking, problem solving, basic physics, math concepts, even science and history can have something to contribute to a fulfilling creative process, and she is excited to bring that mentality to her classes.

Current Classes
Foundations of Photography and Design – Instructor (closed)
Applied Sewing and Design – Instructor (closed)
Intro to Sewing – Instructor (closed)
Applied Sewing and Design - 2024 – Instructor (open)
Beginner Sewing - 2024 – Instructor (open)
Foundations of Photography - 2024 – Instructor (open)
Sewing Lab - 2024 – Instructor (open)