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Information on NHE's Co-ops

Basic Information

NHE offers Co-op classes for grades K-12.  
Nursery and Pre-K are also offered for siblings of students that participate in Co-op.

Discovery Co-op for K-6th:  Meets Mondays, August-November and January-April. 

Excel Co-op for 7th-12th:  Meets Mondays, August-November and January-May.  

We are not a drop-off Co-op, parents are expected to stay on campus and serve a specific number of hours, based on the number of children participating and classes they are taking.

For more detailed information, please review our Information Packet HERE for fee information and our general policies and procedures.


Classes vary each semester. 
Discovery provides a variety of enrichment classes. No Homework is required.
Excel provides core classes such as English, Science, History and Electives. Homework is required.

For an example of classes we offer, the Class list for the current semester can be viewed HERE.

Important to Know

We currently have very limited space in both Co-ops.
If you are interested in possibly participating in either Co-op, we suggest that you become an NHE Member, as that is the only way to receive timely information on Registration, Classes and other aspects of Co-op.  

To join NHE, please click on Join at the top right hand corner of the homepage.  Please Note: If you join NHE but do not get a spot in Co-op, you will not receive a refund.  

NHE offers many events and support options, our Co-ops are only one facet of our group. Current NHE Members will also receive first consideration for openings in our Co-ops.  

Separate registration, fees and service tasks are required for participation in Co-op.  

How to Participate in Co-op

If you are interested in being considered to participate in our Co-op, please fill out our Inquiry Form.
Please click on the below link and you will be placed on our waiting list. This is the only way we can document your interest. 

Due to the number of inquiries we receive, you will only be contacted in the event we have an opening and/or need more information from you.

You have no obligation to participate if we have an opening.

You do not have to be a member to fill out this form, however, you do have to join NHE to participate in Co-op.   

Please Note: This form is not intended to be an information request.  In order to protect our participants, we will not provide any further information on classes or locations unless you are an NHE Member.  

NHE Co-op Inquiry Form 

Please contact a Co-op Team Member directly if you need further information than what is provided here.
Co-op Team Members