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TCCHE - Standards of Behavior for Children (Dress Code Included)

Discipline is properly defined as control. In the well-disciplined home both the parent and the student are exercising control, first of all, over self. A growing Christian student senses the responsibility for self-control as a mandate from God.

Correctives are necessary when this ideal discipline breaks down. Any breakdown in the self-control of individuals, or the entire group, naturally blocks the learning process. Given the wholesome relationships between students and their parents, control can usually be restored by discussing the problem. Corrective discipline enters the picture only when a consistent breakdown of self-control occurs.

In harmony with Scripture, any corrective discipline will be handled in love and concern for the student's welfare as a child of God. We encourage you to review theses rules with your child so they will be aware of what is expected of them at all group functions.

1. Children of Tri--County Christian Home Educators are expected to:

A. Obey our Lord Jesus Christ.

B. Consider each other's interest ahead of their own.

C. Children should interact with adults and one another in a respectful manner.

D. Children should wait to speak with anyone engaged in conversation with another person; interrupting only if necessary and done in a respectful manner.

E. When adults are addressing children, children should listen carefully, acknowledge that they have been spoken to, and begin to obey immediately.

F. Children should take good care of what God has allowed us to use.

G. Inside any building, children should speak in normal conversational voices and in a way as to not disturb others.

H. Children should refrain from bringing toys or other distracting objects into workshops, classes or on field trips.

I. Parents should know where their children are and how they are behaving at all times.

J. If a parent is unable to be with their child at a function, the responsibility of the child must be delegated to another adult and the child made aware of their authority.

2. Tri--County Christian Home Educators will not permit:

A. Disruption of learning times by inappropriate comments, questions, gestures or electronic devices.

B. Unkind words, actions or bullying directed at another individual.

C. Cussing or foul language, suggestive comments, including racial, sexual or hate related speech. 

D. Showing disrespect or disregard to adults. Children should be taught to respect all adults and interact with them in a respectful manner.

E. Failure to respect the property of others. Items placed in classrooms or walls should be left untouched.

F. Failure to treat the hosting facility with respect. There should be no running or roughhousing in hallways.

G. Public Displays of Affection such as kissing, hugging or holding hands or cuddling during TCCHE activities and events.

3. Corrective Discipline Procedure will include:

A. A verbal warning will be given to the student by the teacher or adult in charge.

B. If the problem persists, a verbal warning will be given to the student and parent by the leadership team.

C. Appropriate action will be taken, which might include required parent attendance at all future events or non-participation of the student in future events.

4. Tri--County Christian Home Educators Dress Code (Children/Adults)

Knowing that each individual is an image-bearer of the Lord, Tri--County Christian Home Educators would like to stress the modesty in appearance and dress. Our students are asked to avoid extremes in clothing and hairstyles. Parents are very instrumental in helping students look their best and in being considerate of how their appearance affects others and honors Christ. Please respect the dress code.

A. Sleeveless garments are appropriate as long as they non-revealing around the shoulders and arms and no undergarments are exposed. Tank tops of spaghetti straps, racer back and tube top styles may not be worn.

B. All shorts shall be modest in length (no short-shorts). Dresses, and skirts (including slits) shall hang four inches from the top of the kneecap or longer. Shorts with writing across the buttock area will not be allowed.

C. Pants and shorts should be fitted at the waist and cover the entire buttocks without drooping. Underwear must not be exposed.

D. No mesh, see-through, tight, low-cut, or otherwise revealing garments may be worn. The stomach and back shall be covered at all times (including sitting, standing and when hands are raised).

E. Girls/Women bathing suits should be one piece. If 2-piece suit is worn- it must be covered with a cover-up/shirt. Male bathing suits should be swimming trunk style. 

           F.. Belts and overalls must be buckled.

G. Hems may be rolled, but pants legs must be even on both sides.

H. Vulgar, obscene, or suggestive writing on clothing and clothing advertising drugs, tobacco or alcoholic beverages may not be worn.

I. Jewelry and/or adornment worn in pierced areas other than the ears are not permitted.

J. Extremes should be avoided. If in doubt, wear something else.

K. Consequences for violation of the dress code include: warning with parent contact, and/or being sent home to change.

L. The dress code will be enforced!

                                                                                                               (revised June 2018)