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Membership Renewal 2021/2022

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This information is for Membership Renewal Only. If you are not currently a member of Tri-County Christian Home Educators, please register as a new member.

To renew, please do the following:

  1. Answer all questions on the Renewal form. (You should see a message thanking you for completing the form. If you have not answered all questions, you will get a message informing you which required questions were not answered. Once all questions have been answered, the form should submit. If you encounter problems, please call Tammy Frye at 706-436-3544. Calls will be returned as soon as possible.
  2. Verify all family information for your family. Please list your children in the grade you wish them to be in for the yearbook.
  3. Submit membership dues. ($40.00/year to Jessie Pless, 1350 Thermon Adams Road, Dewy Rose, Ga  30634.  For more details on how to submit dues, email [email protected]
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Your Name:

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I have read and agree with TCCHE's Updated Statement of Faith

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I have read and agree to abide by TCCHE's updated policies and to have my children, family, and guest abide by them when attending TCCHE sponsored events.

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We plan to register our Declaration of Intent with the State of Georgia by September 1 if our children are at the appropriate age. If beginning homeschooling this year, we will submit our Declaration of Intent within 30 days of beginning our home study program.

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I understand that if I cease to operate a home study program in compliance with the home study law in the State of Georgia my membership will be revoked.

I agree that it is my responsibility to know the laws pertaining to home study programs in Georgia. TCCHE may provide information as available regarding the laws, but it is up to me to verify my compliance with the law

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What curriculum/program of study do you plan to use this year?

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I will review and verify my profile information:

  • Street and Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Each Child's Grade Level (Please list only ONE grade you wish them listed under in the year book.)

I understand that I am responsible for this information being correct at any given time, and that if my information changes, I am responsible for updating my information on the website.

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I would like to help in the following area(s) You may pick as many different activities as you would like to help with.

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International Dinner Art Fair
Biography Fair Help Host a Parent Evening or Activity
Craft Day ITBS Testing (BS/BA) Required
Christmas Party Spelling Bee
Valentine's Party Yearbook

I would like to help in the following area(s) not listed above:

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Each family is allowed one-half page for family photos, quotes/scriptures in our TCCHE yearbook. This allows us to have a permanent remembrance of whom we traveled with during the year's homeschool journey.

This is at no additional cost to families. All families need to submit their photos and/or quote according to the guidelines given by the yearbook staff (these will be sent out later).

I would like my family to have a one-half page in this year's yearbook.

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