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Class Offerings


Classes for PreK - 12th Grade

Full list of 2024 - 2025 courses

Learning Center (Mon, Tues & Thurs) – Once weekly college-model classes for middle and high school ages, providing outside accountability for students in lab sciences, math courses, foreign languages, history and geography, sign language, ACT prep,  English comp, driver’s ed, debate, economics, literature, and more.


HeartStrong (Wed) – A full day of K - 6th grade class offerings. Parents can choose discounted full-day options or individual classes including science, history, language arts, Spanish, choir, music and movement, integrated arts and more.  Plus, Christmas and Valentine’s parties, lots of fellowship opportunities for moms and field trip opportunities for families.


Reading and Math Intervention – Offers assessment and one-on-one or small group intervention for students struggling in reading or math, provided by a retired special ed instructor (24 years of experience) with specialty focuses in both areas as well as extensive knowledge in dealing with dyslexia.


Educational Occupational Therapy - Offers assessments and addresses significant delays in fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, ocular motor skills, visual-perceptual skills and social and sensory processing delays. These skills are crucial for reading and writing and overall development of school-aged children.


Choir Opportunities – Offers a large middle/high school Concert Choir and Chamber Choir (Tues afternoon) and an Elementary Cantando Choir (Wed afternoon), helping students strive to reach their full singing potential. Fall and spring performances and a dinner theater.


Band Opportunities – Offers beginner and intermediate bands (Tues), and concert and swing bands (Thurs) for any student 10 years old or older, teaching instruments such as flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and  percussion. Fall and spring performances.


Online High School Class Offerings – Intro to College Composition


LifeLight Youth Theater (Mon) – SCCHE partners with LifeLight Youth Theater which provides musical theater performances, drama, dance, summer drama camps and more. https://www.lifelightarts.com/