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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much does it cost to participate in Joy Singers Choir?

There is a registration fee of $80 for your first student, $20 each additional student before to September 1st.  After September 1st the registration fee is $100 for your first student, $20 each additional student.  

2.  If Joy Singers does not fit our family, may we drop out?  Is my registration fee refundable?

Yes. There is a 3-week trial period for your family to "test" Joy Singers. (September 15-29th)  By September 29th we need a family commitment.  Registration fees are refundable during the first 3 rehearsals of September.  After September 29th we assume your family is committed to participating in Joy Singers and your registration fee is non-refundable.  *Register before September 1st to save the $20 late fee.

3.  Can I bring my children to the parent meeting?  

A mandatory parent meeting will be held during the first rehearsal on September 15th.  Therefore, students participating in Joy Singers (ages 5-18) will be in their respective choir rooms. Preschoolers (baby-4 yrs) may attend with the parent.   If the children become disruptive during the meeting, please be polite to the speakers and those attending the meeting, and remove the children from the room. 

4.  Do I need to stay on location (Rising Sun Church) during Joy Singers rehearsals?

No, you do not need to stay on the premises.  If you choose to leave the building, please confirm that Marti Jo McBee/Megan Phillips has a current cell phone number or an emergency number for you on file. Parents are welcome to sit in on a rehearsal as long as they are not engaging in conversation or otherwise being disruptive.

5.  Can I leave my preschool child or infant in the nursery during choir?

No, unless you are assisting in a choir for that day. A nursery is available for parents who are participating in that day's choir rehearsals.  This includes directors, assistants, pianists, & the admin team.  *If you accompany your child in the nursery, they are welcome to stay and play.

6.  Is there a place for parents to "hangout?"

Yes - parents/grandparents can "hang out" in the foyer or Main Sanctuary.  Check with Marti Jo McBee or Megan Phillips if you need the Wifi password. Hebrews Coffee Shop will open during rehearsal time.

7.  Are T-Shirts available to purchase?

Yes! We will send out ordering information for the option to purchase Joy Singer's t-shirts. All Choir Students will receive a JS t-shirt with their choir registration. Additional shirts may be ordered for family members.

8. Is there a cut-off date to determine what choir my child should be in according to their age?

Yes - Joy Singers has a birthday cut-off date of September 30th. Keeping this cut-off helps us better manage age groups.  

9. How much are uniforms?

Light Blue shirts for all Elementary boys & girls - $15

Blue Blouses for Jr. High girls - $35

Black Dresses for Sr. High girls - $60

White dress shirts for Jr. High and Sr. High boys are bought separately by parents, not ordered through Joy Singers.

All bowties and neckties are provided by Joy Singers and must be returned to Joy Singers.