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Choir Summaries

Dolce Choir (Ages 5-6, K-1st grades)    

The Dolce Choir students are exposed to the “fun”damentals of music through song, rhyme, pitch exploration, and movement activities as a means to prepare them for music literacy. In this beginner choir, listening and following directions are essential skills. Unison singing is emphasized, but choir members will also sing occasional rounds and partner songs.

Legato Choir (Ages 7-8, 2-3rd grades)    

The members of the Legato Choir continue to build upon the musical concepts taught in the Dolce Choir through more challenging vocal ranges, melodies, and rhythms. Musical and movement activities are still an important method used to teach music literacy to this age group.

Treble Choir (Ages 9-10, 4-5th grades)

In the Treble Choir students are introduced to music elements such as: theory, vocal range, pitch matching, and harmony. Although musical games and activities are still incorporated, increased focus is placed on choir performance preparation.

Concert Choir (Ages 11-13, Jr. High)

The Concert Choir continues the development of their vocal range, tone quality, harmonies, and music literacy skills. Two-part singing is emphasized throughout the year and 3-part treble harmony is introduced. This choir begins a focus on learning from written music.

Because singers' voices are changing a lot at this age, a voice check is required for all Concert Choir singers. (Thursday, August  31, 2023 at 1:30 pm)

Chorale (Ages 14-18, Senior High)

Members of the non-auditioned Chorale are in 9th through 12th grades. Younger male singers (age 13) whose voices have changed and who have auditioned may, but is not guaranteed, also be included in Chorale. This is usually an SAT or SAB choir. Members learn and perform more advanced songs in a variety of styles, with the primary goal of developing a wider vocal range and a more mature tone.

Because singers must be able to match pitch, a voice check is required for all new female singers, and all boys, to the Chorale. Voice Checks will be held on Thursday, 8/31/23, at 1:30 pm at Rising Sun Church.

In addition, the Honor Choir is a select group of female and male voices that are chosen by audition. Music is usually SATB selections. The members of this choir are expected to work on music outside of practice time. The ability to read music is not required but is a benefit. A cappella singing is a special focus of this ensemble.

The Ladies’ Ensemble is an audition-based group of 12-16 female singers. Selections range from SA to SSAA and this group, along with the Honor Choir, practices at a separate time from Chorale (on Fridays). Ladies’ Ensemble members are expected to work on their music independently. All members of the Honor Choir and Ladies’ Ensemble are required to be members of the Chorale.

What is a SAB choir?

Soprano/ Alto/ Bass (usually represents two female parts and one male part)

What is a SATB choir?

Soprano/ Alto/ Tenor/ Bass (two female parts and two male parts)

What is a voice check?

This is an opportunity for the director to hear each singer’s voice. It is a very short process that helps the director find a student’s vocal range and hear voice quality. No prepared song is required. Students will sing simple scales, match pitches, and maybe sing a familiar song. Returning Chorale members might be put in small groups to hear vocal blends. 

When are Auditions?

Auditions will be held in September and will be announced during choir rehearsal.