Joy Singers Choir

Choir Requirements


Our success in providing a quality program relies on dedication to punctual attendance. It is expected that students arrive for choir no later than 1:25 pm and attend 100% of rehearsals (i.e. have zero absences). To allow for emergencies or illnesses that come up, students are allowed a total of 5 absences. Students who plan to miss more than 5 rehearsals will lose the privilege of remaining in Joy Singers. 

  • It is helpful and courteous to communicate with your child's director before rehearsal if your child has to be gone. 
  • Missing choir due to school or sports-related activities or sickness does not excuse any absences.
  • Five absences are allowed for issues that arise. 
  • Five absences = 20% of all choir rehearsals. Excessive and/or consecutive absences will hinder a student's ability to be a good choir member. 
  • Absences prior to a performance may affect a student's ability to participate in the upcoming performance and will be left to the director's discretion regarding participation

Behavior: All students are to be respectful of adults, other students, and church property. Because we represent the Lord and the homeschool community, students are to be well behaved during choir rehearsals and performances. 

Uniforms: All Joy Singers choir members wear uniforms for concert performances only. All students wear black pants (boys) or knee-length or longer black skirts (girls). The Concert Choir guys & Chorale guys wear white button-down shirts.  Chorale ladies wear black dresses. Concert Choir girls wear royal blue blouses. All other singers wear blue button-down shirts.  Black dresses, blue blouses, and blue shirts are ordered through Joy Singers.  JS T-shirts will be worn for all Nursing Home outreaches and other ministry opportunities (included in registration).


Attendance: Our success in providing a quality program relies on dedication to punctual attendance.  Students should arrive for choir no later than 1:25 pm. Parents are expected to notify the student’s director if a student is unable to attend choir that week. Students are allowed 5 total absences, then they lose the privilege of remaining in Joy Singers. In addition, please be prompt in picking up children after choir rehearsal. 

Rehearsal Time: Parents are welcome to sit in on any rehearsal as long as they are not disruptive. It is not necessary for parents to stay in the church building during choir rehearsal time. 

Co-op Responsibilities: Parents are required to fulfill FOUR (4) co-op responsibilities for the year (2 each semester). These responsibilities include helping with: Friday Set-Up Crews for individual choir rooms, Nursery, Choir Photographer, and Choir Substitutes.  You may choose to opt-out of your co-op responsibilities by paying a $150 fee in addition to your normal registration dues. A sign-up sheet will be available at our first choir rehearsal (9/9/22) through September 30th. 

Keeping Informed: The Joy Singers’ administrator will send a weekly email announcement.   Parents are responsible to read and keep informed. All schedule changes and cancellations will be communicated through email. The Joy Singers’ calendar and other information are always available on our website: .



Before September 1st

$80 for your first student

$20 each additional student


After September 1st

$100 for your first student

$20 each additional student


Registration is open through the month of September.

*Uniforms are required for performances and are an additional cost.


Thank you for working with us to continue an excellent choir 
program that brings glory to God and is a blessing to others.
Joy Singers Board

Kerianne Hansen    Marti Jo McBee     Megan Phillips     LeeLynn Ramseyer        DeVon Snow