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West Monroe Co-op Class Submission

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This form is for WEST Monroe co-op classes.  We meet on Tuesdays at Cedar Crest.  Not all classes submitted are guaranteed a spot on the schedule.  Schedule will be determined by our advisory council, with consideration of available space and the greatest need.

1. *

What is the name of the class?

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What grade level is this class for?

3. *

Who is the teacher for this class?

4. *

Teacher's phone number


If you have a co-teacher, what is his/her name?

6. *

Briefly describe your class.  Remember to include the following information if it applies to your class:

  • If students need to purchase a textbook
  • If this class will assign homework
  • If this class will be required to meet outside the normal co-op schedule
  • Any supplies the student needs to bring
7. *

What is the maximum number of students allowed in this class?

8. *

What is the minimum number of students you are willing to teach?

9. *

What is the Fee for this class?  (fee is only for supplies, books, equipment, etc needed to teach the class)

10. *

What do you prefer for the length of your class to be?

(our schedule is for one 60 minute class and four 45 minute classes, if you need 90 minutes, we can combine two of the 45 minute classes)

11. *

Which part of the day do you plan to attend co-op?  (When arranging the schedule we want to make sure we schedule your class for a time when you will be there!)

1st Period -- 9:30-10:30
2nd Period -- 10:45-11:30
3rd Period -- 11:30 - 12:15
4th Period -- 1:00 - 1:45
5th Period -- 1:45-2:30

12. *

Do you want to have a private messageboard for this class?  When you post in this messageboard, it will only go to the parents and the students (if they have their email entered in the family profile).  This is a great idea for classes that have homework each week, or things that the class needs to bring each week without sending out to all of co-op.

Yes No
13. *

What email address to use to receive PayPal payments from families?  You will receive payments from families via PayPal on payment day.


Other Information:  (any details you think we need to know that aren't address with the questions listed above) Please do not put any information that belongs in the class description here-it will not be transfered.  This space is for information we need in making the schedule-time room requirements, etc.