Service Opportunities

EASTERN ILLINOIS FOOD BANK, Urbana.  Eastern IL Food Bank is part of a nationwide network of food banks with a common vision to end hunger as we know it across our country.   Volunteer opportunities include foodmobiles (kids can accompany adults), warehouse and food repacks.  Kids age 10 - 13 are welcome at food repacks when accompanied by an adult.  Kids ages 14 & up can volunteer unaccompanied.  For Hunger Action Month in September there are special volunteer opportunities for kids ages 6 - 9.

EMPTY TOMB, Champaign. Empty Tomb is a Christian organization, dedicated to providing clothing, food deliveries, furniture, Christian health services, and home maintenance to those in need free in Jesus' name.  Volunteer opportunities include home maintenance, clothes sorting and furniture delivery.

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS PROGRAM, C-U.  The international friends program is sponsored by the UIUC International Hospitality Committee and provides an opportunity for community members to befriend international students and families.  Students want to see everyday American life:  cooking, shopping, sightseeing, sports events, so invite them along to what you are already doing.   This is a volunteer opportunity where children are an asset!

RESTORATION URBAN MINISTRY, Champaign.  Restoration Urban Ministry's mission is to provide educational, emotional, physical and spiritual assistance, family support and purpose to homeless families who are desperate and displaced, while lifting up Jesus Christ and His love toward all people, providing outreach ministries and enabling families within an urban community to achieve self-sufficiency and restore their lives.  Volunteer opportunities are available for both groups and individuals and include tutoring, sorting donations, serving food and maintenance.

ROBERT ALLERTON PARK, Monticello.   A former private estate, Allerton Park is now a retreat center and park administrated by the University of Illinois.  It includes formal gardens, forests and hiking trails.  Volunteer positions: Visitor Center Attendant, Tour Guide, Landscape Assistant, and many others.

SALT AND LIGHT, Champaign.  Our mission is to share the love of God, by providing opportunities for those living in poverty to equip themselves with the tools they need to create lasting change in their lives.  There are volunteer orientations twice a month and an online volunteer application.

Check with your church for volunteer opportunities for families and children.  Some ideas include serving as greeters, in childrens' classrooms and on the tech team together.

There are literally hundreds of volunteer opportunities just in the Champaign-Urbana area. Visit the CU Volunteer website, to find opportunities for you and your family to get involved in the local community.