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What is Christian Homeschool Connection?


CHC is a network of Christian homeschooling families connected to support these families, and to facilitate their support of each other, in their homeschooling.

This support includes information on homeschooling, opportunities to meet with other homeschoolers for social and/or educational events, a marketplace for buying and selling and borrowing homeschool materials, and an open forum for online discussions of homeschool issues.  Veteran homeschoolers are always available to assist new homeschoolers (as well as each other, because we’re all always learning!)

Because the particular events are dependent on volunteers to organize them, what they are varies somewhat from year to year.  Recently they have included:

a Rube Goldberg competition
a science fair
social and service gatherings for teenagers
summer play group
ice skating for everyone
auditions for a Shakespeare play
a field trip to the Spurlock Museum
a field trip to a planetarium
performances at the Krannert Center
mothers’ night out 
Family Center

Family Center is a collection of co-op classes that are grouped on Thursday mornings so that children of all ages can have classes simultaneously in one location.  These classes tend to be enrichment/elective classes rather than core academic subjects, but they vary depending on what the parent volunteers who teach them choose to offer each semester.  Each child can take up to three classes per semester.  Recent offerings have included p.e. for various grade levels, band, crocheting, sewing, chorus, drama, literature studies, art, American Sign Language, high school math help, engineering, insects, rocks and minerals.  For more information on Family Center, see the Family Center tab. 


What benefits are obtained by joining the Christian Homeschool Connection?



Located on the CHC web sight, for members only. This area provides a forum for any member to post a notice, to create or participate in co-op classes or group events, find information, borrow materials, ask questions, or otherwise communicate with CHC members.

Mentorship Opportunity:

We have homeschool veterans that are willing to sit and talk either in person or on the phone and share what they’ve learned in years of homeschooling.

Another way in which this mentorship program can work is on the forum. If you are facing a question in your teaching put it on the forum and we will all try and help.

Field Trips:

Participate in field trips others have planned, or plan a field trip yourself and use the CHC calendar and forum to attract a group to it.  If you'd like to plan a field trip but don't know where or how, ask us and we will help you with it.

Support Groups:

We provide occasional support group meetings on a variety of topics. 

Group Events:

Ice skating, pizza picnics, spelling bee, geography bee, drama opportunities, speech club and boys and girls club are just a few of our past events that have been planned by our members.

Krannert Tickets:

One of our members coordinates the purchasing of low cost tickets for the "school series" at this performing arts center. A wonderful addition to your Fine Arts curriculum.

Classified Section: 

For CHC members only. This provides an outlet for you to sell and buy educational materials and other items for your family.

Family Center: 

This program meets once a week for group learning and encompasses three periods a day with multiple class options for all ages each period.   Academic and extracurricular classes are planned and implemented by participating members. Class offerings vary from one semester to another, but recent offerings have included P.E., band, art, chemistry, book studies, and Lego engineering.  Sessions are 12 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the spring. To participate in Family Center, you must first be a member of CHC and then register separately for Family Center.  For more information, see separate Family Center listing on the sidebar.

Beginning of the Year Picnic

To kick off the year we have a picnic in a park.  Meet other homeschool families, re-connect with old friends, find out about opportunities for the coming year.  Don’t miss this event!  For members only.





What is the difference between Christian Homeschool Connection and Family Center?


Christian Homeschool Connection (CHC) is the umbrella organization.  Events and activites such as field trips, ice skating, picnics, etc. are all organized by CHC.  Family Center (FC) is a Thursday morning co-op that is available to CHC members.  Some members of CHC participate in Family Center, while others do not.  However, to participate in FC, a family must first join CHC.  CHC and FC have separate governing boards.  


Where does the money for the membership fee go?


The primary expenses covered by the membership fees are the web site, insurance for the group (which protects our hosting church and enables us to host activities on the UI campus), and to subsidize major group activities such as the annual kick-off picnic, the semiannual pizza picnics, and ice skating.


How do I start homeschooling in Illinois?


Check out the website Illinois Christian Home Educators.


Are there restrictions for the FORUM and the CLASSIFIEDS? Yes


The contact person for all posts must be a CHC member.

FORUM-These threads must be homeschool related.

CLASSIFIEDS-These items are not limited to homeschool items.