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ACT Testing Info

PreACT Info (click here for more info)
The Pre-ACT is available and information can be found on the website https://www.act.org. It is administered by high schools. I am not aware of any high schools in SC that do administer this test. I just wanted you to know it exists and if you are interested in the test, you can learn more on the website and by contacting your local high school guidance counselor. According to the website, it allows a student to practice using a shortened version of the ACT.
ACT (click here for more info)
The website is https://www.act.org. There is information for parents and students and counselors. Since you are your school's counselor and you can sign up for information and use the tools provided for counselors. I do recommend reviewing the information provided for counselors. However, I am the only person who can order testing materials and information including fee waivers. The online Counselor's Tool Kit has helpful resources to help you guide your student. There are resources by class that provide lists of what to do when for sophomores, juniors and seniors. You can sign up for the Counselor's Newsletter and you can download the Counselor's Guide. the current guide is for this past school year so you will want to check the Counselor's Tool Kit in a few months for updated information on test dates and test prep. This page has a list of the test dates and deadlines for 2019 - 2020. Free test prep is available to all students through the ACT Academy. This is a link to all the free test prep available from ACT https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/test-preparation.html#free. It has links to free webinars, a free pdf study guide, question of the day and practice tests for each subject. Additional test prep through ACT/KAPLAN can be purchased. If a student qualifies for a fee waiver, some of the additional test prep is free. Free ACT practice tests can also be found on the Prep Scholar website. To find out if your student qualifies for a fee waiver review the information on this flyer. Once again, this information is for the 2018 - 2019 school year but the general information remains the same. If your student qualifies and plans to take the ACT this year, even if it is in the spring, please let me know so I can order one now.
Deadlines for ACT (click here for more info)
This page for educators that has many helpful links. You cannot gain access to score reports but you can find links for test dates and deadlines, concordance tables that compare the old and new SAT or the ACT and SAT test scores, information on fee waivers, and more.