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Thank you for deciding to join NearHim Home Educators (NHE)!

For your convenience all of the documents listed below can be accessed by clicking the document title on the LEFT side of the webpage. Please be aware that if you navigate away from this page to review other documents, all changes will be lost. Instead, open documents in another window. 

1. Before completing the registration process, please read the NHE Code of Conduct, the NHE General Information, the NHE Operating Procedures, and the "What is FPEA?" documents.   

2. Please review the 2015-16 Service Task List on the top of the homepage.  In order to continue offering the variety of services that NHE provides, each member is required to complete a yearly service task.  You will be asked to list several tasks that interest you.  The Service Task Coordinator will contact you about your choices. Email the Service Task Coordinator Bonnie White at with questions. 

3. Pay your membership fees online. The annual membership fee for new members is $35 if paid prior to Jan 1. The membership fee when paying Jan. 1- April 1 is $20. Single parent is free (a membership application must still be received)

4. FPEA- The Membership Coordinator will send you a group discount code if you choose to join FPEA at a cost of $30 per year (We highly recommend this). You will pay for FPEA membership when you use the discount code on their website.  FPEA membership is NOT included in an NHE Membership. 


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