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Mr. Jack MacKinnon To All Instructors

Jack Mackinnon received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hope College in 2004 in Education (Political Science and History) and went on to earn a Masters of Education degree from Harvard University in 2013 (Human Development and Psychology).

Following the completion of his undergraduate work, Jack Mackinnon completed his student teaching qualifications and then taught History, Government, Political Philosophy, and Bible at middle and high schools in New York City, Western Michigan, and the Twin Cities. In addition to teaching courses in these subject areas, Jack also developed and evaluated curriculum for a range of different school types, including: Classical, Public, Charter, and Home schools.

After witnessing the holistic needs of students in his classrooms, Jack became interested in learning how to support students psychologically and socially, in addition to academically. This interest led to positions developing and facilitating mentoring programs in the Twin Cities. These programs have included over 300 mentors and students. After taking a year to study Adolescent Development and Psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Jack began his current position as the Youth Development Director for an exciting upstart mentoring organization named One2One in the Twin Cities.

In addition to his academic and career pursuits, Jack also enjoys walks with his wife around Cedar Lake, repairing his own clothing by learning how to sew, and blogging about European travel and history. 


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