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WEST Prom Dress Code

Dress Code is Formal
Any questions or clarification - ask WEST


  1. ALL dresses must cover ALL cleavage - no exceptions!
    • Practice leaning over to make sure your chest remains covered and not exposed
    • Practice dancing in your dress to make sure everything stays in place
      • Pins, dress tape, sweaters, shawls and tightening of straps are your friends!
  2. Back of dress must cover bra line
  3. Tops and bottoms must overlap so midriff skin is not exposed
  4. Length of dress must be no higher than 3 inches above the knee

If there is any question if the dress meets the Dress Code - KEEP LOOKING!


  1. Dress pants/Nice pants/Suits/Tuxedos - no blue jeans, no shorts, no rips, no tears
  2. Dress shirt/Collared button down shirt - no rips, no tears
  3. Tie
  4. Belt

Provision for infractions:

  • Students will be offered an XL t-shirt by chaperone that they will need to wear.
  • This will make it possible for students to still attend the prom.
  • Consequence for not wearing t-shirt when requested by chaperone: Student will be escorted from prom.