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WEST Prom Dress Code

Dress Code is Formal
Any questions or clarification - ask WEST

Girls / Females

Keep the mindset of modesty when purchasing a dress
WEST works to accommodate many perspectives of dress - work with us please

  • Front of Dress:
    • No Deep V's or cutouts anywhere of any sort revealing any cleavage or skin
    • Tops and bottoms must overlap so midriff skin is minimally exposed to under an inch
    • Practice leaning over to make sure your chest remains covered and not exposed
    • Practice dancing in your dress to make sure everything stays in place
    • Pins, dress tape, sweaters, shawls and tightening of straps are your friends
  • Back of Dress:
    • Must drop no lower than the mid back area
  • Length of dress must be no higher than 4 inches above the knee
    • Get the ruler out, if need be

If there is any question if the dress meets the Dress Code - KEEP LOOKING!

Guys / Males

  • Dress pants/Nice pants/Suits/Tuxedos - no blue jeans, no shorts, no rips, no tears
  • Dress shirt/Collared button down shirt - no rips, no tears
  • Tie
  • Belt

Provision for Infractions:

  • Students may be offered a covering to wear
  • This will make it possible for students to continue attending the prom
  • Consequence for not wearing covering when given by chaperone:
    • Student will be escorted from prom or directed to call parent for pick up