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Mr. Abraham McMahan To All Instructors

Abe McMahan is the co-owner of Harvestores LLC, a self-employed individual based in Minnesota, United States. He built a seven-figure e-commerce business using a team of shoppers and virtual assistants. He currently coaches and develops dozens of students to grow their e-commerce businesses. Abe is a subject matter expert in e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Walmart, and eBay) and has been featured on podcasts and videos. Before starting his own business, Abe worked 20 years in manufacturing and logistics at Animal Supply Company, Mondelez International, Nabisco, and Frito Lay. Abe has a heart for teaching and loves to share his knowledge with others. In his spare time, he has a hobby farm raising chickens and honeybees with his wife, Jenny, and their three children.

Current Classes
E-Commerce Business Building - (Fall) – Tutor (open)
E-Commerce Business Building - (Spring) – Tutor (open)