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Mrs. Rebekah Higgins To All Instructors

Rebekah graduated from Bethel University with a bachelors in environmental science and a minor in biology in 2019. From a young age, she has loved science and the outdoors, marveling at God’s beautiful creation. She always felt closer to Him when immersed in the woods or studying His works. She also loves reading and learning, and if she could, would be a full time college student as a job. She was homeschooled all her life and did PSEO in 11th and 12th grades. She has been married since 2020  and now has a 15 month old son whom she is looking forward to homeschooling someday. Rebekah is very excited to explore this new opportunity teaching at WEST that God has brought into her life.

Current Classes
PSEO Foundations of Biology w/ Lab - SCI 1531 P2 - Crown College - 4 credits – Course Assistant (open)
Physical Science (T4) – Tutor (open)
General Science (W2) – Tutor (open)