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Language Arts / English Classes

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Tuition Payments are broken up with two payments for semester classes and four payments for annual classes


Writing Fundamentals 1/2 (IEW)
see below for FAQs
5-7   Djerf   Full Year    $395
Writing Fundamentals 1 (IEW)
see below for FAQs
7-9   Djerf   Full Year    $395
Writing Fundamentals 2 (IEW)
see below for FAQs
8-10   Djerf   Full Year    $395
Journalism 7-12   Chernyavsky   Full Year    $365
Creative Storytelling 8-12   Powers / 
  Full Year    $385
Essay Writing 8-12   R. Fraser   Full Year    $375
Introduction to Communication/Speech 8-12   R. Fraser   Full Year    $375
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 8-12   Holt   Full Year    $375
Great Books
see below for Course Description
8-12   Schaible   2021-2022    $172.50
WEST High School Bible Survey
see below for Course Description
8-12   K. Hage   2021-2022    $335



FAQS - Writing Fundamentals Levels: ½, 1, and 2

*All writing classes are full year courses. A tuition payment will also be required for the second semester of this class.

Class Description:

Writing Fundamentals (Level ½), Writing Fundamentals (Level 1), and Writing Fundamentals (Level 2) will be using the Institute for Excellence in Writing method to teach students strong foundational writing. From note taking, structural and stylistic techniques, creative writing, and report writing to more advanced skills such as timed essays and critiques, students will learn skills that will prepare them for high school, PSEO, and college-level writing assignments.

THREE LEVELS of Writing Classes: Starting at the elementary level, students need as many years of writing practice as possible before proceeding to high school and PSEO courses where quality writing skills are an expected medium for learning. It takes time and repeated practice to digest effective writing skills, and students must start with small bites and gradually work to greater challenges. Thus, these writing classes offer three levels: Writing Fundamentals (Level ½) for grades *5-7, Writing Fundamentals (Level 1) for grades 7-9, and Writing Fundamentals (Level 2) for grades 8-10. Based on a principle of mastery, these courses provide time and space for meaningful practice, growing competence, and significant refinement of individual style.

Parental Involvement: Parents must proofread all assignments. To better nurture, reinforce and benefit from these skills, parents of younger students are enthusiastically encouraged to attend classes with their students. Assignment and checklists must be downloaded. Grades will be posted on iGradePlus.com. This will be able to be accessed by the parent and the student.

*NOTE: Regardless of past writing experience, ALL NEW STUDENTS MUST START AT Writing Fundamentals (Level ½) or Writing Fundamentals( Level 1)

½ is not required, but it is highly recommended before Writing Fundamentals (Level 1). Students should repeat Writing ½ and/or Writing Fundamentals (Level 1) until they are ready to move on. Level 1 is recommended to be taken for two years so the student is solidly prepared for Level 2. Each year the same units are taught with all new assignments. It is best to take the Writing classes consecutively until the student has successfully mastered all Writing Fundamentals levels. Level 2 has a prerequisite – a student must have completed two years of Level 1 or have teacher approval to register.

Regardless of past writing experience, no mid-year entry is allowed. Students must take Fall and Spring semesters of each level within the same school year to complete that level.



WEST High School Bible Survey Class Description - offered 2021-2022

Come stand on a mountaintop and survey, as it were, all 66 books in the Bible to see how they fit together to let us get to know and love God. We will read some of each book, exploring its historical and modern significance with PowerPoints and videos; understand the Jewish culture that Jesus Christ chose to be born into--including celebrating some of their holidays; plus we will learn how to use some basic tools to help us study God's Word and apply His truths to our lives today.

Great Books - offered 2021-2022

Great books are great for a reason: they can change the life of those who read them. In this class, students will read, hopefully enjoy, and delve into some really great books spanning a variety of authors, genres, and eras. Through discussion, activities, writing exercises, and a few brief history lessons for context, students will develop an appreciation for, as well as, an understanding of the importance, meaning, and application of the themes, stories, and ideas presented within the books. Through these means, the primary goal is for each student to walk away truly affected by these works of literature.