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Social Studies Classes

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Tuition Payments are broken up with two payments for semester classes and four payments for annual classes


Middle School US History & Civics 5-8   Kilbride   Full Year    $365

Middle School World History

5-8   Holt   Full Year    $365
Worldview 8-12   Stewart   Full Year    $355
WEST High School Bible Survey 
see below for Course Description
8-12   K. Hage   2021-2022    $335

World History & Geography
(Renaissance to Present)

8-12   Fierst   Full Year    $365
High School United States History 8-12   Fierst   Full Year    $365
High School American Government/Economics 8-12   R. Fraser   Full Year    $375




WEST High School Bible Survey Class Description - offered 2021-2022

Come stand on a mountaintop and survey, as it were, all 66 books in the Bible to see how they fit together to let us get to know and love God. We will read some of each book, exploring its historical and modern significance with PowerPoints and videos; understand the Jewish culture that Jesus Christ chose to be born into--including celebrating some of their holidays; plus we will learn how to use some basic tools to help us study God's Word and apply His truths to our lives today.