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Lang Arts / English Tutors

Braxton Carvette

  • How to Read Your Bible

Brax Carvette completed his Associates degree in Christian Worldview in the spring of 2017. He is returning to Bethlehem Baptist College and Seminary to attain his Bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies with a concentration in Biblical Exegesis. Brax is looking forward to either entering ministry or continuing his education into seminary once he completes his bachelor’s degree. Brax has been married to his lovely wife, Jessica, for one year and has a dog named Riggs.

Brax has been serving as a teacher at his church’s youth group for the past eight years. He hopes to continue to share his love of the Bible with students at WEST this coming fall.  God has truly gifted us with His word. It is imperative that we are equipped in our knowledge of the word as we engage with others in our world.

Nancy Djerf

  • Writing Fundamentals 1/2
  • Writing Fundamentals 1
  • Writing Fundamentals 2

Nancy is a seasoned homeschooler of seven children. The Djerf’s began their homeschool journey before it was popular, which makes Nancy one of the pioneers of the movement in Minnesota. She has taken delight in mentoring other mothers in their homeschool challenges and continues to support families as they make educational decisions on behalf of their children. Nancy has been a homeschool consultant with T.E.A.C.H. Institute and was a co-founder of Teach Co-op. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Child Development, worked as a Child Life Specialist at Minneapolis Children's Hospital, and she and her husband were youth pastors for a number of years. Her skill as a teacher of the primary students is well established and she has skillfully taught IEW classes to middle and high school students as a Accredited IEW Instructor since 2008. Nacny has been affectionately called, "The Child Whisperer," due to her keen ability to reach and teach both the gifted student as well as the struggling student...and all the students in-between!  

Robin Fraser

  • Introduction to Communication & Speech
  • Essay Writing

Teaching and empowering students with knowledge and the love of learning is a high value to Robin.  She is thrilled to interact with students in the classroom.

Speaking publicly has been a part of Robin's career throughout the years.  Developing the art of public speaking offers students a life-long skill in any career or life circumstance.  Bringing her experience to an engaging, lively and hands-on classroom is exciting for Robin.

Robin holds a degree in education – has taught a variety of subjects in the inner-city public schools at the middle/junior high level.   In 1993, Robin won the Sallie Mae First Class Teacher of the Year Award for Wisconsin.  She has also served as an inner-city youth director, has worked in the corporate world and has served in church:  council member/teacher/ministry lead and more.

Robin is a home educator of 13 years.  She is the founder of a homeschool co-op, co-founder of WEST and has recently finished two years of schooling to earn certification as a Spiritual Director.

Jennifer Holt

  • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

A graduate of the University of Minnesota at Morris with a Bachelor of Arts (an English major with Biology and Chemistry minors), Jennifer Holt loves learning as much now as she did then. The opportunity to serve as a tutor for WEST allows her to share and pass on this enthusiasm for learning. 

Jennifer has a passion for engaging all styles of learners and enjoys incorporating that passion into each setting for classroom instruction.  Whether it is having a coffeehouse-style discussion, role-playing the class content, or using hands-on models, Jennifer’s goal is to make learning effective, fun, and memorable.  She is delighted to have served eight years at WEST, where she has tutored Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Study Skills, and Literature.  Jennifer looks forward to a new year of personally supporting students while communicating God’s power, beauty, order, and creativity.

Stephanie Larson

  • Journalism

Mrs. Larson graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in magazine publishing. She pursued reading and writing at a young age; by junior high, she was pounding away on her first “novels” with an electric typewriter, whiteout in hand.

Stephanie’s parents -- both journalists -- encouraged a pursuit of focused, purposeful writing. Her favorite childhood question was, “Why?” Eventually, her visual creativity merged with writing and photography to form a love for publishing and page design. She has written and laid out hundreds of articles, including a series for Farm Journal. She has also edited and laid out numerous fiction and nonfiction books as well as thousands of articles for reference works.

Stephanie’s goal in teaching is to make each session and exercise fruitful, engaging and fun, and to help students understand the relevance of the work in their own lives.

When not writing, editing and designing pages, Stephanie can be found on her family’s 12-acre hobby farm tending to cattle, goats and chickens; volunteering for 4-H; spending time with family; and, of course, reading. She has been a home educator since 2014.

Bridgett Powers and Rebecca Bergren 

  • Creative Storytelling:  From Idea to Publication 

Once upon a time in the faraway land of Louisiana, a little girl named Bridgett dreamt of becoming a teacher, being a mommy, and using words to take people to magical places. Then, she grew up and discovered her superpowers... In 1993, Bridgett graduated Cum Laude from Louisiana College (Pineville, LA), with dual Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. She earned her Master of Education (MEd) degree in 1994 from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Dream #1: check. While teaching in public schools, she combined her superpowers of diagnosing students' individual needs and teaching through multi-sensory techniques to save students from boring, frustrating lessons. Now, she spends her days in Minnesota, as a mild-mannered editor, book formatter, speaker, writing coach, and co-leader of the Write Now writers' group (Living Word Christian Center). When she isn't slaying evil grammar errors or rescuing lost commas in other people's stories, she's off exploring fantastical worlds and the deep places in the human spirit, so she can bring back tales of triumph for her own books, several of which are published. Dream #3: check. What about Dream #2? Well, she gets to play with and teach other people's awesome kids, including those of her fellow superhero, um, tutor.  
Able to leap tall stacks of books and dodge life’s bullets, Rebecca is a home educator of fourteen years, a certified copyeditor, writing coach, and novelist. She has written for various blogs and worked with Trost Moving Pictures in the development, writing, and editing of the full-length feature screenplay Walk with Me (currently being shopped to producers). Her other screenwriting credits include several short films for Save the Storks and various movie promos. Rebecca has a passion for teaching others the power of words and art of storytelling. She inspires other members of her writers’ group, helping them develop their craft and learn to create richer characters. When you don’t find her with her nose in a book or putting her own characters in sticky situations, she's probably making new adventures at the park with her hubby, kids, and their dogs Silas and Molly.  
No villain or nefarious circumstance could keep these two superheroes from joining forces. In 2007, Bridgett's and Rebecca's worlds collided, and a new story-problem-fighting, coauthoring duo was born. In 2016, they made their editing and coaching exploits official with the launch of Light's Scribe Writer Services. Now, they can't wait to inspire the next generation of authors!

Robin Schaible

  • Great Books 

Robin’s love of literature started at the age of ten when after a move to a new town, she read S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders thirteen times. That passion for books continued right into her late teens and early twenties when classics like Jane Austin’s Emma helped her navigate her five years at North Central and Pride and Prejudice ushered her right into her career as a Corporate HR Training Manager.

While writing and conducting training manuals and programs paid the bills, Robin used her spare time to write bad poetry and short stories that were never quite as good as Flannery O’Conner’s works. At the age of 31, Robin stepped away from work to pursue motherhood full time and discovered the joy of leading and teaching at book clubs, Bible studies, church kid’s clubs, vacation Bible schools, and Girl Scouts.

Robin has one fantastic hubby, three unique teen daughters that she has both homeschooled and facilitated PSEO for, two spoiled but sweet Goldendoodles, two turtles, and 13 fish whom she hasn’t bothered learning the names of. Robin is excited to bring her motivated, upbeat style of teaching into the classroom and help students discover their own love of reading for a lifetime. You can catch Robin at her weekly storytimes at the Elk River Library.