First Class Kitsap Homeschool Co-op First Class Kitsap County Homeschool Co-op

Parent Expectations & Responsibilities

In order to function as a cooperative, First Class expects Parents to:

· Please remember that we are a body comprised of parents who come from many different backgrounds and denominations. We ask that you treat with respect all parents, church staff and leadership.

· Read all material given to them. Written material, electronic and printed, is the primary method of communication for our co-op.

· Check Family Files weekly.  This is an important means of communication, not only from the leaders, but also from your children’s teachers, and other members. Also check the website,  read weekly emails from Homeschool Life website, Facebook group, yahoo group, read your emails from FCKC & attend chapel.

· Adhere to the plans of action and policies that are in place, so that our co-op may flow smoothly, with harmony between its members and our host church.

· Come prepared to help where needed. “Many hands make light work.”

· Review with your children their expected responsibilities during co-op.

· Provide your children with the needed supplies for co-op day & insure homework is completed before the next co-op day. Teachers work hard to teach your children.  You can show your appreciation by ensuring their work is being done & they are prepared for class.

· Agree to the No “Drop Off” Rule

Parent Responsibilities

ParticipationIf not teaching a class, every participating parent will be asked to help where needed. Job sign ups will be online during the registration process. The Thursday School Team will do their best to honor your choice of a certain job, however, ultimately the team will  look at the whole co-op’s needs and place parents accordingly. Each participating parent will be assigned a position at Thursday School. If the parent is not a coordinator or teacher, then he/ she will be assigned to be a teacher’s assistant either in a classroom or wherever is deemed necessary by the Staffing Coordinator.

In case of parent absencesPlease notify the Staffing Coordinator if you are going to be absent. Post to the Facebook group to find replacements when you are gone. If you are the teacher, please provide your assistant the needed materials to teach the class prior to co-op day, or the morning of, or have an activity/lesson plan on file at co-op in case of emergencies.

If you are not a teacher, it is still important for us to know that you won’t be attending that day as we are depending on your help during the day.  Inform of us who will be your replacement, a shout out to our online groups will help to get a sub in place.  If you can’t find a replacement, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can find someone to cover for you.  If staffing is low, some co-op days there may not be an opportunity for everyone to have a period off. 

Background Check: It is church policy for everyone working with children to have a background check. This is a routine procedure and involves your filling out the form at registration. You will not be allowed to participate in Thursday School without this background check.  Both parents MUST complete a background check and provide photo id.  There is no cost to you for this background check. The background check form can be found on the FCKC website, or in the Leadership office at Thursday school.

During your free period:   You may visit your child’s classroom, connect with other parents in the parent’s room, or avail yourself of study hall time!   You may not leave the building to run errands during this time.  Please Note: You may be asked to help in a classroom if there is a need.

Thank you all in advance for your patience & cooperation!