First Class Kitsap County Homeschool Co-op

Parent Expectations & Responsibilities


  • Our co-op can only run smoothly if we are all hands on deck. When we need help filling a position, please be EAGER and volunteer quickly!


  • There is no drop-off option at co-op. If your student is in the building, you are expected to be as well.
  • Being accessible while on campus is required.  On your block off, please be in the parent room, foyer, or outside the front doors. Sitting in your car is not allowed.
  • A temporary guardianship request may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but is not guaranteed.
  • Just as we expect our students to fully participate without distraction in chapel, we ask our parents (who are not lunch cleanup helpers) to attend and pay attention also.


  • Put excellent effort into your teaching or assisting duties or cleaning jobs.
  • Supervise your child’s assigned homework and honor the teacher’s requests. Communicate often and respectfully with teachers. Be fully engaged in your child’s classes. Encourage your child to turn in all assigned work, and do not make excuses for poor behavior in class or laziness.

BACKGROUND CHECKS need to be completed for BOTH parents every 2 years.  Any guardian will also need a background check. You can find the Background Check form here. If a family withdraws before the first day of co-op and background checks have already been ordered, they will be sent an invoice for the cost.