First Class Kitsap County Homeschool Co-op

Jobs at Thursday School

This Co-op depends on each member’s active participation. Whether this is teaching, assisting, acting as hall monitor, hanging signs, making coffee, being a floater or helping in the nursery & toddler rooms; there is something for everyone. God has given us all gifts and we ask that you consider this when signing up on registration day and choosing jobs. Your older children can always assist in set up and clean up at co-op!

Most jobs are chosen during registration, and the rest are assigned before the first day of co-op in September.

As you can see below, there are MANY jobs to do for the co-op.  Our goal is to give all parents one block off.  This is not only to give everyone a break, but also to give everyone a chance to meet and connect with other homeschooling parents. If we are short handed or extra help is needed, you are not guaranteed a block off, you will be put to work.

...and please remember that... many hands make light work!

Teacher Assistants (T.A.)

TA is a parent that helps in a class assisting the teacher and taking attendance. For accountability sake, we have at least one other adult in the classrooms besides the teacher. In some classes this assistant is there for this purpose only, but others will have a more active role. We encourage the teachers to communicate with their assistants what will be most helpful for their class situation. In case of absences, teachers will call on their assistants to fill in for them.

Other Jobs at Co-op include, but are not limited to:



Vacuuming PM                                      Signs/Folders AM &/or PM


Set Up/Break down tables                    Chapel Ministries

Parent Room

Power Point Announcements               Parent Room Hostesses


Floaters (work where needed)             Worship Building Cleaners

Birthdays (1X month)

Lunch room cleanup                             Hall Monitors

Field Trips

Lunch Time monitor                               Nursery Attendants

Mom’s Night Out (1x month)

Garbage can emptiers                          Photographer


Teacher Appreciation                          Fellowship Hall Clean Up


Parent Room/foyer clean up              Spirit/Themed Day planner


Classroom clean up                              Bathroom restocking & tidying

Cleaning AM/PM