First Class Kitsap County Homeschool Co-op

Financial Information

  • Membership Fee: $200.00 Annual Family Membership fee, paid prior to the next year's registration period in late spring.  This fee goes toward the general operation of First Class Kitsap County, including facility rental, insurance, state background checks, events, website fees and much more! Between the date of a family's registration and August 1, 50% of the registration fee is refundable, should a family withdraw. After August 1, this fee is non-refundable.
  • Class Supply Fee: Fees vary per class, and are listed on the Class Registration calendar. Class fees are determined by the teacher before registration begins in late spring.  Class changes between the first and third week of co-op—supply fees will NOT be refunded, and you will be responsible for the supply fee of any new enrollment in a class. If a class is dropped after the third week of co-op, supply fees will be forfeited, plus a $35 fee per class will assessed. The student will then be added to study hall - no other enrollment will be allowed. Please choose your classes carefully and read the homework and requirements for the class. This will help avoid the need for dropping classes!
  • Partial Payment Options (P.P.O.): This breaks your yearly fee into 4 easy payments. To qualify, you must apply online here. You can pay by check or cash, or log into your online profile and click Balance on the top toolbar, then enter the amount you wish to pay. You will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction.

PPO schedule



1st PPO

August 1 (or date you register)

2nd PPO

September 7 (first day 2023-24)

3rd PPO

November 16

4th PPO

January 4 (first day back from break)


  • Instructor Fee: FCKC teachers are members of the co-op, and therefore do not charge a fee to teach, as we are all working cooperatively. Periodically, a teacher will be brought in from outside the co-op (a non-member) and may charge an instructor fee. Contact the instructor to determine their payment preference - these funds are not processed by FCKC.  ALL teachers are required to read, agree with and sign our Faith Statement.
  • Class Changes:  Please refer to our Class Change Form for our policies regarding financial responsibilities.