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Financial Information

Thursday School Financial Information

  • Membership Fee: There is a $150.00 Annual Family Membership (May-May)  fee due to First Class Kitsap County each year ($80.00 prorate if enrolling mid-year Jan-May).  Your membership fee allows you access to field trips,events, ID cards & other perks of membership. This also goes toward the general operation of First Class Kitsap County, including mailing costs, & printing supplies,  state background checks, parent room supplies, events, website fees and so much more! The church facility fee is money set aside to pay our host church for use of the building. We are so thankful to them for letting us meet here 5+ hours a week and also for special events outside our usual co-op day.  This registration fee can not be refunded if you drop from co-op anytime after the frist day of class (in Sept). 
  • Class Supply Fee: Fees vary, as class supply lists vary for each class. The class Supply fee is the amount specified by the teacher to buy supplies for that particular class. This includes the supplies they need to teach the class, as well as for each child that they are purchasing for. Class Supply Fees and/or Material Fees are not refundable after the 2nd co-op class. 
  • Drop Fee: After the first two co-op days, you will also be assessed a $35.00 drop fee per class on top of losing your Supply or Material Fees. Please choose your classes carefully and read the homework and requirements for the class.

We do offer Partial Payment Options (P.P.O.). for those families who may benefit from it. This breaks your yearly fee into 4 easy payments. You can pay by check or cash mailed or hand delivered, or log into your online profile and click on ‘class registration’/’class summary’/’partial payment, (PayPal link)’

PPO schedule



1st PPO

August 1st (or date you register)

2nd PPO

September 5th 

3rd PPO

November 21st

4th PPO

January 9th 


  • Instructor Fee: First Class teachers are members of the Co-op, and therefore do not charge a fee to teach, as we are all working cooperatively. Periodically, a teacher will be brought in from outside the Co-op (a non-member) and may charge an instructor fee. Please rest assured that ALL teachers are required to read, agree with and sign our Faith Statement.

Background checks need to be completed for BOTH parents.  We will also require a copy of both parents driver’s licenses, military ID, or another form of state/federal issued ID’s. A charge of $12.00 for a guardian that will be filling in for you will be due with the background form. They are done every 2 years, so not all are due at the same time. Leadership will let you know when you need to submit new forms. You can find the Backgournd Check form under Document and Forms on the left side bar. If you drop co-op before the first week co-op starts you will have to pay back the cost of running the background checks, $12.00 per person.

Forms and $150.00 annual membership dues are due by your Registration Day!


  • Refund policy: If for some reason a family or student needs to drop out of Thursday School, the Supply fee and/or Material fee (and outside Instructor Fee if Applicable) cannot be refunded.  Supplies have likely been ordered or used.  In case of unforeseen hardships, some exceptions will be made. The Leadership will evaluate each case individually. Als.o, the cost of the background checks will need to be paid back.


  • Class Changes:  A written request must be provided to the leadership team a week prior to the request of class changes (to add or drop).  Alternately, you may click here and fill out our online class change request.  Supply fees will NOT be refunded  for the class you are dropping. Supply fees are paid in advance for the whole co-op year, and are obligated for the whole year of payment even if you decide to change classes.  You will need to also pay for supply fees for the new class you are adding. (see refund policy above)  ***UPDATED POLICY*** Through the first two co-op days you can change a class and receive a refund on class material fees. After the first two co-op days you will forfeit class material fees (as teachers have paid for materials), and will have to pay the full class material fee amount for the new class you are changing to. Class changes can occur through the 2nd co-op day. You can drop a class after that, but you can not move to a new class. Your student will be put in study hall if your family is still attending co-op during that block. After the first two co-op days, you will also be assessed a $35.00 drop fee per class on top of losing your Supply or Material Fees. Please choose your classes carefully and read the homework and requirements for the class.


Scholarships: It’s our desire that finances not keep a family from participating in First Class Kitsap Thursday school. By applying for a scholarship, you may be asked to do additional jobs and/or tasks to help contribute in non-financial ways.  Once you have paid your membership dues ($150.00), Scholarship Applications MUST be turned in prior to your scheduled Registration Day,  (for new families that register after our spring registration dates, an application must be submitted prior to registering). The Leadership Team needs time to review and approve all scholarship applications prior to approval.  Please pre-calculate estimated class fees and submit a request for that amount. Leadership will adjust fees in case actual class choice(s) are different due to unavailability of a particular class choice. Scholarships will NOT be approved on the spot-NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Please contact our bookkeeper by emailing [email protected] to receive a Scholarship Application. 

***NOTE: We cannot scholarship outside teacher classes or Co-op Annual Membership Fee.***

Please do not turn in any forms to the church office. Mail them to our PO Box 871, Silverdale, WA 98383 or drop them off at co-op if we are in session.