First Class Kitsap County Homeschool Co-op

Attendance Policy

As a Co-op, we cannot function properly if all of you are not here, and your absence puts more work on others. An occasional absence will be allowed, but we unfortunately have to institute an Attendance Policy so that expectations are clear for everyone. The penalty for excessive absences will be your being bumped down to New Member registration status even though you are a Current Member. Please consider your families' involvement based on the level of commitment you are willing to make. This is a one year commitment - if you drop out or can't fulfill your commitments before the end of the year, you will be moved to New Member status if you choose to return the following year! Also, teacher applications for future classes may not be considered.

Absences- Four (4) Absences will be allowed for the whole year for the entire family. This does not include extended illnesses, births, deaths, or other  extenuating circumstances. Please COMMUNICATE with us if you do have ongoing circumstances. If your family must be out for more than the four absences, you will lose your spot for priority registration the following year, and your teacher application for future classes may not be considered!

Guardianship/Parent Absence- Please schedule outside appointments on days other than Thursdays if at all possible. If you are not at co-op and another family member is not filling in for you, your children MUST go with you to the appointment or errand. No other co-op family will be allowed to guardian your child with the exception of High School Students Only. We are a co-op and not a drop off facility! A co-op requires each family to fulfill their commitment to the group. If another family member or Dad is available they can fill in for you while you are out (they must be background checked). The Guardian is responsible for your jobs! Please see us if you have special circumstances that require guardianship.


If you must be absent from co-op, please try and locate your replacement and let the staffing coordinator know.  If Teaching a class, you must make sure a back-up lesson plan (due first day of class) and supplies are left with Leadership and or given to your TA to teach the class. Please post your absence on Facebook group asking for replacements, if one was not located previously. This also makes sure that Staffing Coordinator will be aware of your absence. If you are not on Facebook, please email Staffing Coordinator regarding your absence.


All new families will be on probation for one year. Your enrollment for the following year will be based upon adequate attendance, how well you perform your duties and jobs and cooperative spirit during the probation year!