First Class Kitsap Homeschool Co-op First Class Kitsap County Homeschool Co-op

Student Expectations

First Class expects our Students to:

  • Treat adults & fellow students courteously and respectfully at all times.
  • Respect the staff of our host church by WALKING QUIETLY and SPEAKING QUIETLY in the halls and outside when classes are in session.  Warnings will be issued for the first and second offenses, and then parents will be notified of their children’s inability to walk quietly.
  • Respect the property of host church. Do NOT play in the sound booth or on the stage. The Church has graciously let us use their facility and we must respect their property. Parents, please be aware of where your children are playing and help to keep them away from these sensitive areas.
  • Come to class prepared to learn, participate, have needed supplies and have all assigned work completed.
  • Students must attend the class they are enrolled in while at co-op. No student is allowed to sit in on another class without prior approval from leadership. No student should ever be wandering around while classes are in session.
  • No cell phone, mp3/i-pod or Kindle use during classes, unless it is sanctioned by the teacher.

Please see the STARS program for further information on expectations and discipline.