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CHEA By-Laws







   Article 1


   Name and Purpose


1           This non-profit organization shall be known as the Catoosa Home Education Association (CHEA).

2           CHEA is organized exclusively for social purposes under section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It is established on December 2012 as a separate association, having previously been associated with the Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Educators Association (CSTHEA).  The purpose of the Association is threefold.  First, to provide a support group for homeschooling parents by use of our website communications.  Second, to provide opportunities for our families to interact with each other and participate in various group activities.  All families must join the group with an understanding that our Statement of Faith is the guiding factor in setting up our standards.  Third, to further the appreciation of homeschooling in our area through community service and media communication.




Article 2




1                    Membership in CHEA is based on completion of a membership application, payment of dues, compliance with filling out all permission forms for activities, agreement with standards of conduct, and a good standing with the organization.  Members are not required to sign a statement of faith to join our group.  Membership in our organization is open to any homeschooling family who wants to join, regardless of their religious beliefs.  In the case of separated or divorced parents, membership to our group will be open to the parent who does the majority of the teaching in the homeschool.  

2                    Candidates for the Board of Directors positions must be in agreement with our statement of faith and agree to make their decisions for the group based on it.  Coordinators of all CHEA activities/events must agree to abide by the statement of faith.

3                    Participation in CHEA sponsored activities/events is for members only unless otherwise stated on the website calendar.  Grandparents of our children are welcome to attend CHEA events with member families.

4                    Nonmembers are considered as any homeschooling family or other family who has not joined our group, but would like to participate in our activities. 

5                    All families requesting membership with our group are asked to comply with the behavioral standards of conduct outlined in these by-laws.

6                    A CHEA homeschooling family with a tutee may add that student to their membership with the current board's approval.  In addition, a notarized waiver of liability should be signed by the parent(s) and submitted to the board.  

7                    It is the responsibility of the parent(s) or tutor(s) to ensure they are educating their student(s) according to the laws prescribed by their state.   



Article 3


Board of Directors


1                  The daily management of this organization will be maintained by a Board of Directors made up of five (5) Board members from within the group.  The Board will set policies and maintain procedures for the organization based on the rules and regulations provided in these by-laws.             

2                  The Board of Directors will meet at least every two months during the school year, at such time and place to be decided upon by the President.  If the President is unable to make this decision, then two (2) other Board members will specify the time and location of the meeting.

3                  The Board must contain a majority of Board members to transact business during any meeting of the Board.  All items of business that are considered during the Board meeting must be passed by a majority, that is, at least three (3) Board members.  Any items of business discussed by e-mail or communication means other than a Board meeting must have unanimous consent of the Board of Directors.

4                  Vacancies on the Board during the school year will be filled by recommendation of the remaining Board members.  In the event the President’s office is vacated, the Vice President will assume this position for the remainder of the year.




Article 4


Duties of Board of Directors


1        The Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large.  They shall be appointed by election in April or May of each calendar year.  Each Board Member agrees to serve for one year from June 1st to May 31st of the following year.  Following their year (or years-see article 5) of service, the Board Members shall be available to advise the newly elected Board Members through the time of the Back to School Picnic or no later than August 31st.  It is preferable that the majority of the Board Members be residents of Georgia.

2        The President shall oversee the daily management of the group and preside at all Board meetings.  The President is the official representative of the CHEA organization and the contact for the Catoosa County Public Schools.  The President will be responsible for sending out messages via the text alert message system.  The President will oversee and ensure that the 990N for the non-profit social club status has been filed with the IRS.

3        The Vice President shall assist the President and serve in the absence of the President.  The Vice President shall agree to be the co-signer with the Treasurer on the CHEA banking account in case of emergency.  Also, the board member who used her social security number to apply for the EIN shall be on the banking account.  The Vice President well be a backup to the President and send out messages using the text alert message system when necessary.  In addition, the Vice President is responsible for the CHEA e-mail account and responding to various inquires.  The Vice President will oversee and ensure that the 990N for the non-profit social club status has been filed with the IRS.

4        The Secretary shall keep the minutes of each Board Meeting and post them on the website promptly.

5       The Treasurer shall keep up to date records and prepare quarterly financial statements to present at each Board Meeting.  All expenditures must be approved by a CHEA Activity Coordinator and at least one (1) other CHEA Board Member or by two CHEA Board members.  Membership dues, activity fees, and other such monies are to be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit into the CHEA banking account.  The treasurer will collect money for field trips and any other planned event where money should be collected.   The coordinator of the planned event or field trip will be given a check to provide to the venue for the amount collected.  The treasurer shall deposit all monies within two weeks of receipt.  Anyone who is listed on the bank account may not write a reimbursement check to themselves.   The Vice President may sign an expense reimbursement check for the Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall provide a year-end financial statement to the Board.  The ATM from the CHEA bank account is to be used for online transactions only, any other transaction will require the approval of the treasurer and another board member.  The Treasurer will prepare the necessary paperwork and file the 990N to the IRS before October 15 for the renewal of the non-profit social club status.  

6        The Member at Large shall act as the new member contact for the group and is responsible for training the event coordinators.  The Member at Large will contact potential volunteers that are received from new and renewed memberships in an effort to establish an event coordinator for CHEA events.  The Member at Large will place potential volunteers in contact with the appropriate event coordinator.  The Member at Large will provide pertinent information to new volunteers such as the calendar coordinator, event coordinator, and procedures for volunteers.  In Board Meetings, the Member at Large shall act as a tie breaker in the event that a decision can not be reached.

7        All Board Members shall perform their duties in a timely manner.  Any Board Member unable to perform a duty shall contact the President as soon as possible.  If said Board Member is the President, then he/she shall contact the Vice President.  Board Members are only allowed to coordinate a maximum of two (2) CHEA volunteer positions in addition to the board position they committed to for the year.  Each Board Member at the end of his/her term of service shall turn over any and all records or materials used during the year to the successor of his/her position.

8        If a Board Member is found to be inadequate in performing the responsible duties, then the President, with the approval of the remaining Board Members, may request his/her resignation.  If the Board Member in question is the President, then the Vice President with approval of the remaining Board Members may request his/her resignation.  If the Board Member refuses to turn in a resignation, the Board may remove him/her from the position.




Article 5


Qualifications & Elections of Board of Directors


1        Each Board Member must be willing to sign our statement of faith.

2        Each Board Member must have been a member of our group for at least one school year before attaining the board position.  The Board Member must be in good standing with CHEA and a homeschool parent.  Candidates for the position of President must have served on the Board of Directors in the last five years, and currently be serving the group in a volunteer position.  In the event that a president can not be obtained from the existing or previous Board of Directors, then the current CHEA Board Members may select someone who is actively involved in the group by a majority vote.

3        Elections of the Board of Directors are to be held on a yearly basis.  Each Board Member must commit to the position for one year, but will be allowed to retain the same position for a maximum of two consecutive years.  Thereafter he/she may run for another Board position if so desired.

4        Elections are to be held only for the Board positions that are currently open.  In the event that no CHEA members volunteer or are nominated by another member for an open position, the current Board of Directors may select CHEA members for each vacant position.  If only one candidate runs for an open position, then the election process will be bypassed.




Article 6


Membership Dues


1          The Board of Directors will determine the amount of dues for CHEA membership.

2          Membership dues, or pro-rated dues, are to cover one school year only (from August 1st through July 31st of any given calendar year).

3          Up to two scholarships for membership dues, may be awarded annually, at the discretion of the CHEA board, for families in need.




Statement of Faith


·       CHEA is a Christian organization, and decisions made for our group are guided by Christian principles taken from the Biblical training and understanding of our Board of Directors.

·        We believe that children are given by God as a stewardship to the parents and not the state and that parents have both the knowledge and authority to teach and educate their own children.

·        With regards to our children’s education, we recognize that true education can not take place unless God is upheld as our one and only Creator and all things are viewed in subjection to the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

·        We uphold the Biblical standards of marriage, the union between one man and one woman.





Standards of Conduct

For all CHEA events


All too often, “homeschool groups” display inconsiderate or disorderly behavior on field trips or at group events.  To encourage the field trip provider to welcome us and other homeschool groups to return, it is of the utmost importance that we conduct ourselves with promptness, courtesy and attentiveness on all field trips. 


·        Participants should arrive 10 - 15 minutes early.

·        Students should be responsive and obedient, which includes being quiet while tour guides/speakers are speaking, raising a hand to ask or answer a question posed to the group, and touching things only when permitted. 

·        Students should be respectful of facilities & equipment used for CHEA activities and field trips, including PE equipment.

·        Students should remain with the parent or designated adult unless participating in a group activity.  Parents, please make sure your children adhere to the rules or specified guidelines of the field trip provider. 

·        Attire should be appropriate for the outing & modest in appearance and there should be no public display of affection between students.

·        Foul language will not be tolerated.

·        Students are not allowed to make fun of other students.  Rough contact between students is also prohibited.

·        Students participating in events like PE should display the same responsive & obedient behavior towards the teacher as shown to field trip providers.  Extra-curricular activities are made possible by parents who take time to organize & teach the activities.  Students should be respectful & appreciative of this generosity.

·        When possible, parents and/or children should take time to write a thank-you note to field trip providers.


Our goal is to leave a positive impression of homeschoolers not only with our field trip providers but with the whole community in general!



Website Guidelines


•      The CHEA website is to only be used by our members who have paid their dues and are in good standing with the group.

•      Information on the membership pages of the  CHEA website, including personal information of our members, is not to be shared with anyone outside of our group.  Violators of this policy may be subject to legal action and will be asked to leave the group.

•      When posting a forum entry, members need to remember the audience and purpose of the forums.  The forums are posted for all group members to read, including the children of our members.  Forums should be used for group discussion purposes, and not as a personal attack on someone's character.  Profanity should not be used in the forums.  Anyone who does not comply with these guidelines will be asked to leave the group.