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Membership Registration Form

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Catoosa Home Education Association
Membership Registration for the 2023-2024 School Year 

(Early Renewal is June 1 - July 31; New members can register for the new school season on Aug 1st)

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Membership status

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Name, First and Last  (husband and wife)

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Street Address

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City, State and Zip

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Home phone number

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Cell phone number

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Emergency Contact 1

e.g., John Doe  (999) 999-9999

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Emergency Contact 2

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E-mail address - please make sure this is correct as all our communication is done via e-mail to our members.

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Confirm e-mail address

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Please list all children's names and birthdates (note those who are of school age but are not homeschooled with an * and include method of schooling ie public online, public or private school. )

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Please read CHEA's online public school policy located on our website.  Families who exclusively use online public schools (such as Georgia Cyber Academy or Tennessee Virtual Academy) are not eligible for CHEA membership.  Families must have at least one homeschooled child to join CHEA. 

 I have read and agree to abide by CHEA's online public school policy.

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How did you hear about us?


Committees and Volunteers

Our Volunteers are an essential element of our group.  Without you, activities such as field day, parties, field trips, P.E., and play dates would not exist. 


Committees consist of a group of people within CHEA that will plan specific types of activities throughout the year.  Please take a moment to read about the committees and incentives that can be earned when you volunteer to be part of a committee.   


We thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to volunteer.


14. *

Once you have read about the committees, we welcome you to select at least one committee that you would be interested in joining for the upcoming school year.



Would you like to be involved with organization and leadership in more than one area?  If so, consider joining a second committee here:    


16. *

This is a volunteer-based organization that can not survive without the effort of our event coordinators.  Please show respect and appreciation for their work.  If you have problems, please contact any member of the board, not the event coordinator.  

I have read and agree to abide by this policy.  



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We (I) allow CHEA to use photographs taken at CHEA events to promote CHEA either in print or on the internet, which may include but is not limited to social media platforms, pamphlets, and newspaper articles.   

Yes No
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We (I) allow CHEA to use photographs taken at CHEA events for the member section of the website and yearbook, which is for members only.  

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Child Safety

By selecting "yes" in the box below, we are indicating that both parents (or the guardians) understand that parents (or the guardians) are responsible for the safety of their own child/children at all CHEA events and activities.  

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Legal Disclaimer

  1. By selecting "Yes" in the checkbox below, we certify that both husband and wife agree that the Catoosa Home Education Association (CHEA) is not a legal entity with liability insurance.  All participation is voluntary and parents will rely on their own insurance or other means to cover any accidents which may require treatment for themselves or any of their children during any CHEA activity.  
  2. By selecting "Yes" in the checkbox below, we certify that both husband and wife have read and agree to abide by the CHEA By-Laws including those governing the use of the website.  We understand that by submitting this registration form, we agree that the CHEA Membership Directory will be distributed to CHEA members only.  Directory information is not to be copied, reproduced or given out to nonmembers.  We further understand and agree that the directory is not to be used for solicitation. 
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Liability Release

Lastly, by selecting "Yes" in the checkbox below, we assume that when you submit this request for membership, husband and wife have read and agree to the following liability release:  

This release is being submitted electronically in consideration of being accepted for participation in the Catoosa Home Education Association ("CHEA") homeschool group meetings, activities, field trips, and events ("Activities").  

On our (my) own behalf and on behalf of our (my) children, heirs, successors, and assigns, we (I) hereby forever release, discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless CHEA, and each of its officers, volunteers, agents, members, representatives, and all owners and operators of all locations at which CHEA holds its Activities (collectively "released parties") from any and all liabilities, claims, costs, demands or causes of action, whether known or unknown ("claims") that we (I) may now or hereafter have for injuries or damages arising out of (my) participation in CHEA Activities.  

We (I) understand and acknowledge that dangers of personal injury or sickness are or may be inherent in participating in such Activities, and we (I) expressly and voluntarily assume all risk of death or personal injury sustained in such Activities, including but not limited to the risks incurred in all these Activities and those arising from hidden, latent or obvious defects in any facilities or equipment used.  We (I) acknowledge the possibility that our (my) successors or we (I) may not fully know the number or magnitude of all claims, and agree that the release is a full and final release of all claims.  This release is intended to be binding upon our (my) heirs and assigns.  

By submitting our request for membership, we (I) affirm having read it and acknowledge having had sufficient opportunity to have this agreement and release reviewed by our (my) counsel, if so desired.  

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CHEA will now be charging a $2 fee for all electronic transactions. Please add this additional amount when you pay electronically for dues or other payments to CHEA. Does not apply to checks in the mail or cash payments. 

Will you be paying online?

 (1 required)
Yes, I will pay online for an extra $2 fee No, I will be paying via check.
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Membership Cost

Catoosa Home Education Association
Membership Registration for August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024

Half Year Membership for January 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024 (this option closes on May 31st) - $22.50

Note:  Please indicate the committee you were a member of on your membership renewal check or on the Paypal Memo section to receive a discount.  Please contact a board member if you are unsure if you qualify for the event coordinator discount.

Membership Information:  

  • All memberships expire on July 31st.  
  • Membership Parked:  Logon will not be permitted for any member who has not renewed by August 1. 

Membership Cost:  

  • New Member - $45.00  
  • Renewing Member - Early renewal is from June 1st - July 31st and will receive the following discounts:
    • If you coordinated an event for the 2022-2023 school year:   
      • Renewing Committee Member - If you have lead at least one event and helped with one event (or co-lead 2 events): $20 through July 31st  ($25 after July 31st)
      • Renewing Committee Member - If you have been an active committee member and helped with at least one event: $30 through July 31st ($35 after July 31st)
    • If you were NOT an active member in a committee, nor helped in any events for the 2021-2022 school year:  $40 through July 31st ($45 after July 31st)



CHEA Website Access

Our dues include access to a very extensive website which includes a calendar of events, field trips, community activities, prayer requests, forums, classifieds, links and more!  All group communication is through the website, so you need to sign up online also using the link "Request Membership" if you are a new member.  The "Request Membership" link is located at the top of this page and should be completed after  this Membership I-Form has been submitted.  Please note that the information you supply for "Request Membership" signup will be the information provided in the membership directory.


24. *


This is where you will put names of everyone in your family for the Liability Release.  You will need to list the first and last name of ALL immediate family members (parents and children living in your home) who will be participating in CHEA events, and list any grandparents that may potentially attend an activity with you (e.g., field trip, pool party).  CHEA events include our sponsored events and organized events at an alternate location such as a field trip.  You must read and sign the form in order for your membership to be processed.