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2023-2024 Biltmore Homeschool Ministry Enrichment Class Calendar

Classes will meet on Thursdays

24 Weeks for PreK-5th grade
32 Weeks for 6th-12th grade


August 24th                            6-12th Grade Classes Begin

August 31st                            PreK-5th Grade Classes Begin

November 16th        Last day of classes for PreK-5th Grade until January 3rd

 November 23rd NO CLASSES Thanksgiving Break

November 30th                       6th-12th Grade Classes Resume

December 7th               Last Day of Classes for 6th-12th until January 9th

December 7th through January 9th Ministry is closed for Christmas Break



 January 11th                       ALL Grades Resume Classes

 March 28th                    PreK-5th Grade Last Day of Classes


April 4th NO CLASSES Spring Break


April 11th                         6th-12th Grades Resume Classes

May 9th                           6th-12th Grade Last Day of Classes
                                                                                          (Unless there are 2 snow days to be made up)