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2024 - 2025 Group Membership is now open!!


1. We have two options for membership. 
          * Support Group Only ($25): Allows families to receive group emails and participate in all events, activities and parties. (Fee paid upon enrollment).
          * Full Membership ($100): Allows families to also participate in weekly classes with additional class purchase. (Fee Paid after class registration).

2. Please Note: In order to continue to keep our class costs low, Full Membership families are required to volunteer 3 times during the course of the year. 


Purpose Statement: Our purpose and desire is to provide loving encouragement, quality enrichment and social interaction for students as well as essential support for parents as they develop their children to Christ-like character, enabling them to stand firm in their belief in the teaching of the Bible as the complete and inerrant Word of God, thereby equipping them to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.


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Additional Questions

Payment Agreement - Please read completely
  • The family membership fee of $100 will be invoiced to each family once registration of classes has been completed. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Half of your balance is due upon class registration with the remaining balance paid by June 15th.  Failure to do either will result in the cancellation of classes.  
  • Full refunds (excluding membership fee) are given until July 15th.  After that date, teacher employment is secured and no refunds are available, regardless of circumstances. We understand that situations change in life, however, once we hire our teachers based on total class registration on July 15th, we can no longer offer any refunds.  Please evaluate this rule to ensure that you accept it prior to proceeding. 

Payment Instructions