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2024-2025 Membership/Registration Dates

Registration dates:

  • Returning members-Tuesday March 12th @ 11 am-Friday March 15th @ 5 pm
  • New members-Tuesday March 19th @ 11 am-Friday March 22nd @ 5 pm
  • Open registration for all-Tuesday April 2nd-at this time, anyone who has not been able to register with their group will be able to register. Registration will stay open for the remainder of the spring and summer. 


  • Membership fee: $100 per family for the full school year if you wish to take classes with the ministry.  If you are only looking to be a part of the support group for social events, the cost is only $25 for the full school year. This is a non-refundable fee.
  • PreK-5th Grade class fees: $165 per class for 24 weeks.
  • Middle & High School class fees: $290 per class for 32 weeks.

The only additional fees are the material fees, which are different for each class and allow the teacher to purchase supplies necessary for their classroom. Each class description shows the additional material fee.

50% of your class registration balance must be paid on the day you register for classes If this is not paid within the first 24 hours, your students will be removed from classes.  The remaining 50% is due by June 15th.  (If you have worked out a payment plan with the ministry director, this will be calculated based on the remaining balance after half has been paid.)