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HSLDA, Home School Legal Defense Association, has been assisting homeschoolers since 1983. They offer a wealth of information and services to homeschoolers across the country. Previously, SFA did not participate in the group discount program because we would have had to require all of our members to join. Since this is no longer the policy, we have applied for the group membership discount, though our members would still qualify if they also join the FPEA.

The FPEA is the state homeschool support group for Florida families. SFA members are eligible for a discount when they join FPEA. You will need our discount code when you are ready to join. The web site offers information about the private school option and local support groups, as well as detailed instructions on how to comply with the home education statute. See the "getting started" section to learn more about homeschooling in Florida.

A helpful resource to learn about homeschooling in general and homeschooling in Florida (under the home education statute), can be found here, or at Homeschooling in Florida or here at Homeschooling Florida.


Coming soon: A balanced list of resources, with short commentary, to help you learn more about Catholic homeschooling and about Catholic education in general.

Here are a couple of links to start with:

Love2Learn.net, started by Alicia Van Hecke in 1998, has a long list of contributors, some of whom have been discussing Catholic homeschooling on the Internet for nearly three decades now. Their Catholic Homeschooling Basics page is a good place to start.

HomeschoolingCatholic.com has good information, including a little historical background, regarding Catholic Homeschooling.