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Sancta Familia Academy, an educational alternative since 2001

Sancta Familia Academy was incorporated in 2001 to provide both record-keeping services and classes for Catholic homeschoolers. In the 1990's, we had a local homeschool support group in Brevard County that provided for social activities for both the kids and parents, but we saw a need for more.

Florida has a relatively easy homeschool law and a comparatively relaxed home education environment in most counties, especially now in the 21st century, but it wasn't so friendly in the 1980's before, and even after, the home education statute was passed. At one time, the only way to legally homeschool was by using a private school "umbrella" or "cover" school. Religious groups formed organizations and non-religious groups fromed corporations, setting them up as private schools with "satellite" locations where students learned from parent-teachers at home. Though the law changed in the early 1980's to allow for parents to teach from home, many families chose to stay with their private schools for various reasons. New families joined and new schools formed.

The laws and environment continue to change in our state and throughout the country. Colleges admit students from private schools - even those that are not accredited - and from homeschools. The need for a private school umbrella isn't what it once was, but there are still benefits that many parents consider important. Guidance, accountability, official transcripts, and a high school diploma, are just some of the benefits that families continue to value. See the pros and cons of using an umbrella school here.

Sancta Familia Academy offers private school enrollment throughout the state of Florida, a homeschool support network, and classes for local homeschoolers. Enrollment is not required to participate in co-op or to take a limited number of classes. The law requires home education students be taught by their parents at least 50%, so a full course load does require enrollment.

The only Florida scholarship that can be used toward Home Academy enrollment or classes for homeschoolers is the Gardiner Scholarship. The McKay and Step Up scholarships can only be used for full-time students who attend our day school.