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Sancta Familia Homeschool Support since 1995

Sancta Familia Homeschool Support  Network is for all local families, whether enrolled with SFA, the county, or with another school. The  advantages of a support network are many.  Fellowship, field trips, park days, classes, parent meetings, book fairs, seminars, and many other perks are available through local support groups. Sancta Familia wishes to include area homeschoolers in our planned events and extend the services we offer to the homeschooling community in Brevard County. As a support group member, you and your family are eligible to sign up for classes at our co-op, attend parent seminars and meetings, form clubs and plan park days, join our students on field trips - or plan your own and invite other SFA families to join you, become members of the statewide FPEA, take advantage of our school resources, and much more.  SFA needs parent volunteers to help coordinate more activities for homeschoolers for the 2019 - 2020 school  year.  Request Membership in Sancta Familia's homeschool support network.

Email dnoonan@sanctafamilia.net to  volunteer for a leadership role.