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Sancta Familia Academy, an educational alternative since 2001

Day School?...Cottage School?...Community School?...University Model?...

We use the term "Day School" specifically to differentiate between our physical school and our homeschool umbrella, which we call our "Home Academy."

There are both full time and part time options, however, our "full time" school is four days per week, Tuesday through Friday.

"Cottage" or "Community" schools are generally partnerships between school and parents. Students attend school from one to three (or even four) days per week and they work at home, under the supervision of parents, on the other days.

These "hybrids" of homeschool and traditional school attendance are growing in popularity in Florida and throughout the country. As the idea caught on and new "schools" popped up, the number of labels used to describe them grew. So today, there are any number of terms used by these types of schools to describe themselves as unique.

So, whatever name you give it, a school like Sancta Familia Academy is an alternative to the typical five-day-a-week, seven-hour-a-day, 180 days-a-year public or private school.

To learn more about our Day School, visit our web site at academy.sanctafamilia.org.

The Exponential Growth of Classical Christian Education

Overview of Sancta Familia Academy