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Catholic Homeschool Curriculum Providers

Catholic Heritage Curricula is not a school and does not offer full-service enrollment, but they do offer grade-level lesson plans and original materials.

Memoria Press is an Orthodox & Catholic-friendly non-denominational Christian provider of everything from texts to grade-level packages with lesson plans. Founders of Highlands Latin School and developers of the Classical Core Curriculum, which began years ago with the popular Latina Christiana books for teaching Latin to elementary-age students, MP has grown to include the most popular online courses for Classical homeschoolers.

TAN Homeschool

Catholic Textbook Project

Emmanuel Books Catholic Homeschool

Hillside Education is a publisher of literature guides and other Catholic homeschool resources.

Mater Amabilis is free website offering online resources for implementing a Catholic Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum.

Homeschool Connections provides live and recorded online classes.

Catholic & Classical School Associations