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Graduate Information Form

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Please fill out one form for each graduate.

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Student's Full Name

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Age at graduation

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I verify that said student is living at home under scriptural authority. 

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I verify that said student has been schooled according to Texas guidelines.

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Graduates name as you want it to appear on diploma certificate

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Name(s) of adult(s) signing graduates diploma as it is to appear on the cetificate. This will be limited to two names. 

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School name to appear on diploma

*Example: "Smith Homeschool", "Seed of Faith Academy" or just "Homeschool" etc...

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Student’s height for cap and gown

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Tshirt size

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Suggested Christian song(s) for memory video

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I understand that it is my responsibilty to make sure that I am receiving all correspondence regarding my graduates information; including but not limited to emails, Facebook group post and website posts.

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I understand that in order to particpate in CACHE graduation ceromony I must adhere to the following. I must attend a mandatory meeting, complete all necessary paperwork and submit payment in full. I will also submit pictures, biographies, speeches and talents by there due dates.

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