Home Educated And Raised To Serve
Welcome to HEARTS Ministry.

HEARTS a non-profit organization whose purpose is to (1) train students to serve God and others in the church and community; (2) minister to student’s and parent’s needs as they arise; (3) provide the platform for students to learn to serve God and others; (4) provide quality instruction in the classroom.

HEARTS Ministry wants to partner with the home school parent who wishes to supplement their child’s home education with educational and enrichment classes. HEARTS Ministry is a home school support ministry - not a full-time school. It is the parent’s responsibility to adhere to the Mississippi Home School Law.

HEARTS meets one day per week on Monday. There are two, 16-week sessions per school year. The first session begins in early August and ends in late November to early December . The second session begins in early January and ends in late April to early May. Classes are available for grades K—12.

We offer a variety of academic and non academic/ extracurricular classes for grades kindergarten to high school. The teachers provide only a portion of the instruction needed, and various assignments will be given to complete at home. Academic classes cannot be taught in one day of class instruction.   Parents remain the primary teacher for the rest of the week, and HEARTS is a resource for the student’s instruction one day per week. We are not an accredited program; however, since we meet for a total of 32 weeks (16 weeks per session) students can be given a credit for the class(es) taken. Parents are expected to ensure student’s completion of assignments and communicate with each teacher any concerns, questions, clarifications, absences, etc.
Although the ministry is not designed to offer a full curriculum, it will academically and more importantly, spiritually complement what parents are doing at home. The main focus of this ministry is sharing Christ and serving others. It will be an opportunity for children to find and develop their area of spiritual giftedness in a Christ centered learning environment. This ministry will plant the desire to serve God and the church in their hearts. HEARTS ministry goal is to raise up a new generation of Christian leaders, who are committed to service, equipped with the gospel and determined to take Christ to the world.