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UPDATE as of 6/13

Hi Friends,

We are missing everyone dearly and can’t wait to get together in person again! However, we have some considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Member safety
  2. Federal, State and Local government guidance
  3. Considerations based on the locations typically used for gathering
  4. Considerations of the comfort level of members gathering in person

With the current information we have decided to pause in person activities for the summer and we will review in September. We will continue to focus on what Redwoods Homeschool Community CAN do.

We can continue to connect with individual families through our member forum and Slack app.

We are planning some creative ways to still create community building opportunities.

Check back often. We will keep you posted with our plans and we hope to see you soon! Please click "Covid-19 Updates" in the green sidebar for the most up to date info. Thanks!

**Please keep in mind we are in the process of updating some information on our website. If you have questions, feel free to email us. 

Welcome to Redwoods Homeschool Community!

We are a  Christian homeschool group dedicated to creating community building opportunities for homeschool families to gather, learn, and serve others. We aspire for homeschoolers to be encouraged, equipped, and engaged in their home education journey.

We are a member based community primarily located in and near Bristol and Meriden, CT (meeting at various locations). We are not a co-op. Redwoods Homeschool Community members have access to RHC Programs (which may be cooperative), field trips, recesses, teen events, mom’s nights, holiday parties, etc. Families are asked to either volunteer teach or serve on an action committee. Families can choose to participate in as much or little that fits their needs.

Membership is for homeschool families in CT and is $30 for the 2020-2021 school year, expires June 30th, 2021. Redwoods Homeschool Community embraces Biblical principles, however, we do not ask for or require members to sign a statement of faith. We ask that members follow the Code of Conduct.

You are invited to join if you are home educating at least one child (grades K-12) according to CT state law. See FAQ’s for Seedling Membership info.

To become a RHC Member:

1. Meet a RHC Leader

2. Complete registration

3. Pay membership fee

Please see FAQ's and Guidelines for more details.


Membership Registration for 2020-2021 school year (expires June 30, 2021) remains open, $30 per family. 

Why RHC?

-Community support and engagement.

-Opportunities for homeschool families to gather, learn, and give back together.

-No facebook group, great for families who choose to not use FB, however we do use Slack App (optional) for casual and impromptu conversation.

-Weekly email updates.

-Members may post on calendar, forum, and classifieds in order to connect and engage with one another.

-Recess, Winter Clubs for K-12th grades, Field trips, Outdoor Gym Class, Holiday parties, Student Art Show, Mom encouragement nights, Homeschool support, etc.

-Printable Membership Card with RHC Logo


What is RHC


What is Redwoods Homeschool Community?


RHC is a member based community of homeschool families. We desire to build community and enrich each family's homeschool journeys by providing opportunities for social and academic activities and programs. We are not a co-op, but a support community. We are from many towns but our "central" locations are Bristol and Meriden, CT. 

Although Redwoods Homeschool Community is a non-profit, Christian organization, all homeschooling families are welcomed. We ask that our families be respectful of this position while attending RHC activities, events, and programs, regardless of personal religious or non-religious affiliation.

Redwoods Homeschool Community is a way to connect with homeschool families and build community through social activites such as recess, First Friday Fun Days, holiday parties, and Mom's Nights. We also offer enriching and academic activities and programs such as field trips, Winter Clubs (cooperative), Friday Electives (cooperative), and Teen Council.

As a member, we ask each primary homeschooling parent to volunteer in some capacity by either Volunteer teaching or serving on an Action Committee.

As a homeschooling parent you are ultimately responsible for your children's education and the offerings of RHC are intended to support and enrich the instruction that you are doing at home.

We meet in various locations, depending on the program or activity. Our "big, crazy, yet totally doable" goal is to have a Homeschool Community Resource Center, one location, in which to provide our programs, classes, and activities and more.



What's the meaning behind the name?


We aim for Redwoods Homeschool Community to be a strong, supportive, and thriving community of homeschool families.

"You would think that a 350-foot-tall tree would need deep roots, but that's not the case at all with the Sequoia sempervirens. Redwood tree roots are very shallow, often only five or six feet deep. But they make up for it in width, sometimes extending up to 100 feet from the trunk. They thrive in thick groves, where the roots can intertwine and even fuse together. This gives them tremendous strength against the forces of nature. This way they can withstand high winds and raging floods."

(cited from:,against%20the%20forces%20of%20nature.)


What is your Mission and Vision?


Redwoods Homeschool Community is a Christian group dedicated to creating community building opportunities for homeschool families to gather, learn, and give back.

Our vision is to be a "second home" for homeschool families. We aspire for homeschoolers to feel encouraged, equipped, and engaged in their home education journey.


Are you a non-profit organization?


At this time we are a self-delcared nonprofit. We will be working to pursue non-profit 501(c)3 status during this school year. Our goal is to build community and serve homeschoolers and in the future that may mean having a building in order to better meet those goals.


Do I have to be Christian to join?


No, we welcome all homeschool families. However, as a Christian group we ask that, while attending RHC functions, participants be respectful of this position in behavior, speech, and dress. Participants shall follow the Code of Conduct. We do not ask for or require a statement of faith from members.

Only RHC board members sign a statement of faith. RHC embraces Biblical principles and we seek to honor God in our endeavors and will look to Him to lead and guide our community. 


What is your Code of Conduct?


Our Code of Conduct includes general guidelines pertaining to the participation in RHC, illness policy, general behavior expectations, dress code, communication information, member privacy policy, and conflict resolution policy.

You can find the Code of Conduct by clicking "guidelines" at the top of the page. Then click the underlined "code of conduct."


Does RHC provide curriculum?


No, RHC is not a school. We do not provide curriculum. RHC provides enrichment opportunities to enhance your family's home education experience. We have many veteran homeschoolers who would be happy to answer curriculum questions in the member forum.

RHC Member Benefits


How does Redwoods Homeschool Community communicate?


We primarily use our member website for communication. There is a forum and calendar and classifieds available for member use.

Leaders will communicate announcements and important information in the "RHC Announcements" category of the forum. Members may receive email notifications for the forum categories they are interested in. Occasionally, leaders will email members with important updates. We use the Remind App for those who opt-in to receive text reminders.

Members may communicate on the forum. We also have a Slack channel for Redwoods Members, which is optional but encouraged. Slack allows for more immediate and informal conversation to take place between members.


What programs do you offer to your members?


We are a new and growing group, the 2020-2021 school year will be our second year. We are just getting started... We offer Winter Clubs, an Outdoor Gym Class, field trips, social events, and we will be conducting an official Spelling Bee. We offer mom's nights, workshops, and various other opportunities to build community.

Our list of activities will grow as we grow. We hope to offer holiday parties, an annual art show, Robotics, a science fair, and many other activities in the future. Check back periodically as we will update the website as we work out more details.

**due to covid-19 it is uncertain when our programs will be scheduled and how they will be implemented


How often do you meet?


Recess is scheduled at least once a week, on Fridays from around lunchtime through the afternoon.

Tuesday Clubs are the first three Tuesday afternoons of each month. (Hiking Club meets September-November, Winter Clubs meets December-March, Nature Study Club meets April-June, Summer STEM Club meets July-August.)

Outdoor Gym Class is every other Friday.

Field trips will be offered between 2-4 each month.

Mom's nights -- Coffee Hour planned monthly. Occasionally Mom's Nights Out to restaurants or various other venues are scheduled.

**due to covid-19 it is uncertain when our programs will be scheduled and how they will be implemented


What is a Seedling Membership?


A Seedling Membership is for families with the oldest child who is four or younger at the start of the current school year (August 1st). 

We recognize that families often decide they will homeschool their children when they are not yet school age or they are seriously considering homeschooling and would like to begin to connect with other homeschool families.

Redwoods Homeschool Community primarily serves families with school age children Kindergarten through 12th grade. Many homeschooling families also have younger children not of school age. There may be from time to time activities or events that will serve the whole family, including our littlest ones. These are great opportunities for Seedling families to attend and connect with homeschool families who have little ones but have also "been there, done that" because they are homeschooling their older children.

There may be member events for moms like encouragement nights or homeschool 101 workshops. These are other great opportunities for Seedling Membership families to tap into the homeschool community to prepare for their homeschool journey when their child(ren) reaches school age.

RHC Membership


Who can join?

  1. Memberships are family memberships consisting of only the immediate family members.
  2. All members must be currently home educating at least one student who is in grade K-12th in a bona fide manner according to Connecticut state law. Families with their oldest child who is 4 or younger at the start of the current school year (August 1st) may purchase a “Seedling Membership.”
  3. Parents are asked to volunteer in some capacity by either volunteer teaching or serving on a committee
  4. There is no specific faith requirement or curriculum/ education philosophy requirement. 
  5. Members shall follow the Code of Conduct
  6. Membership expires June 30th, 2021 and is approved after: attending a meet and greet or reference checks, submitting membership form, and receipt of membership fee

What does a RHC membership cost?


The 2020-2021 school year membership cost is $65 per family. The cost covers the use of this website (features include a forum, calendar, classifieds, class registrations and dashboard, integrated payments, and accounting), administrative and banking fees, and insurance costs.

Membership will expire June 30th, 2021.


What is your refund policy?


Memberships - There are no refunds on membership fees. If you would like to leave the group before the end of the school year, you may email us at

Field Trips - There are no refunds on field trips unless the field trip is cancelled by the venue or by RHC.

Winter Clubs - We do not offer refunds. The exception is if you sign up and make a payment for Winter Clubs and decide within the registration period that you will no longer be able to participate. 


I am a member, why is there an additional fee for some events/activities?


We are a new community and guessing membership size, and therefore a budget, is quite the balancing act. For the 2020-2021 school year we intend to keep the membership fee as low as possible in order to cover only the basics. The RHC board follows an annual budget that seeks to use membership funds and donations wisely in providing key opportunities and events for members as well as covering the logistical expenses of running a non-profit organization such as website fees, insurance, venues, etc. 

While we have a few free offerings such as recess, holiday parties, teen council, etc, we also have activities and programs that are of special interest such as classes, co-op, and select fun days. Therefore, the costs incurred are determined by the programs and events in which you choose to participate. Field trip costs are determined by the venue.

Programs offered may have an additional fee and registration if: 1.) we meet in a building/venue, OR 2.) a volunteer or paid instructor leads or teaches, OR 3.) supplies are necessary for the program, or any combination of those factors. Program fees are intended to cover the expenses for the program and to facilitate the development of further programs.

Occasionally, we will plan special events for the greater homeschooling community such as our Curriculum Sale and Art Show. These types of events will offer discounts for our RHC members, while non-members will be asked to pay a higher cost. This is because members have "paid into the pot" so to speak. There are typically fees associated in planning events (venue, supplies, etc), and this allows for us to provide benefit to our members while also providing great events to the homeschool community. 


How can I join?


1. Click "join" at the top of the page and complete the membership form.

2. Attend a "Meet and Greet" or provide 2 homeschool references.

3. Make a payment. 

Complete these three steps for membership approval. You will then be able to log into our "Members Website" and have access to all that RHC has to offer.

For the security of our member families and children we will not approve membership until we have met your family. 


What if I have more questions?


You may email your questions to 

Winter Clubs


What is Winter Clubs?


Winter Clubs is the first three Tuesdays of the month Oct to March. Fall Session is 9 meeting dates Oct to Dec, Winter Session is 9 meeting dates Jan to March. We meet from 1:30-3:30 at Asbury United Methodist Church, 90 Church Ave, Forestville. 

Winter Clubs is for homeschool families with students age 4 to 18. There is a space for younger siblings age 3 and a nursery space for moms with children 0-2. Students will participate in two clubs/activities. Parents will help or lead in one club and have a break time during the other club. Signing up for Winter Clubs means you will be there from 1:30-3:30.

Cost: $20 per student per 9 week session. Spelling Bee Club is an additional $8.00 per student.

Must be a Redwoods Homeschool Community member to participate in Winter clubs.

**due to covid-19 it is uncertain when our programs will be scheduled and how they will be implemented


My 3.5 year old wants to join Winter Clubs, is that okay?


You know your child best. If your 3.5 year old is capable of following instruction and will not be a distraction to the other children then you may register your child for Winter Clubs and make a payment just like for your other students. If your child is not ready we have a Nursery space available for our three year olds, no fee.

If you sign up your 3.5 year old and they are not ready, they may be in the Nursery space, but we cannot offer a refund of club fees. 


What if I want to put my child in a different club other than the one that is offered for their age?


Club leaders will have final say if a student can go into the club. Number of students in the club is also a factor, due to the space limitations.

The exception is if your child has a birthday during the session, or very close, in which case the parent may choose.

Leadership of RHC


Who are the Redwoods Homeschool Community Leaders?


RHC leaders are a board currently of three members. Kim Mariani (President), Pam Hoffman (Vice President) and Pam Gerardo (Treasurer) are all homeschool moms who volunteer and help run RHC as a team.



Parent Responsibilities

The primary RHC member parent is asked to volunteer in some capacity: Volunteer Teach or serve on an Action Committiee. 

In an effort to create a stronger bond between Redwoods families, each member parent (the primary homeschooling parent) will be asked to volunteer in some capacity. We all have different affinities for helping: some like to plan events, some like to serve by cleaning after an activity, some like to teach, some like to work with teens, etc. We are also all at different seasons and can commit to various tasks. If we all do something then we can work together to create some really awesome opportunities for our kids.

Click the blue words "Parent Responsibilities" for details.

Code of Conduct

RHC Code of Conduct

Seedlings Membership

Seedlings Membership Information

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