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Instructor Guidelines To Publications / Articles

Posted 6/29/21

Class Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Club Leaders, GAB Club Teachers, and Teen Council Leaders please follow the steps to become an Instructor and have the Instructor dashboard available:

  1. Read the Instructor Guidelines below and the Statement of Faith (we ask that guidelines are followed and that instructors do not teach in opposition to the Statement of Faith).
  2. Submit this Instructor form.
  3. Once your Instructor dashboard is available, you can be added as Instructors and Class Teachers will be able to request to add a class.


Instructor Guidelines

We ask all of those instructing or leading our kids to agree to the following:

Class Commitment:

  • Prepare in advance for your class.
    • Create an outline to follow for all the dates of your class and submit it with your class proposal.
    • Stay ahead of your lessons by at least 2-3 weeks with complete plans including necessary materials.
  • Be on time to your class.
  • Commit to teaching the full semester/session.
  • In case of absence due to illness or emergency:
    • Contact a RHC board member as soon as possible.
    • Coordinate with your Assistant Teacher or Co-Teacher to substitute for you.

Class Content:

  • Instructors who are following a Christian curriculum or teaching Christian doctrine shall agree with our Statement of Faith.
  • All Instructors shall not teach in opposition to our Statement of Faith, regardless of belief.
  • Families may have differing viewpoints/convictions on subject matter not directly addressed in the Statement of Faith, it is the parent’s responsibility to speak with the instructor before registering for classes to ensure the class is a good fit or not.
  • Music played shall be wholesome and G-rated.
    • Christian music, classical music, and kids’ folksongs are acceptable for classroom use. When in doubt talk with a RHC board member.

Class Conduct:

  • Follow the Code of Conduct
  • Student discipline steps:
    • Verbal reminder
    • Remove distraction or move student
    • Parent involvement (sits in classroom with student or student stays with parent)
  • There must be at least two adults in every classroom at all times.
  • Students may leave the class to use the bathroom, one at a time, and the Helper may monitor from the hallway.

Class Materials:

  • Instructors may ask students to bring their own basic supplies
  • RHC may have materials you need for use/loan, coordinate with a RHC board member
  • Instructors may be reimbursed for class materials
    • Determine a budget and ask for approval of materials with a RHC board member before purchasing materials
    • Give receipts to a RHC board member for reimbursement
    • Unused materials and/or non-consumable materials may be turned into RHC to be used for future classes/activities/events.

Class Clean Up:

  • Helpers (and students) will leave each classroom cleaner than it was found after each class.
    • Wipe tables and chairs clean
    • Return tables and chairs, neatly set up
    • Sweep floor
    • Empty trash
  • Be sure no belongings are left behind.