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Angela Taylor
Duties for Angela are too numerous to name them all. Besides overseeing daily WACHE School activities, Angela's duties vary from preparing for each new semester by recruiting teachers to help to set up registration, figuring out the logistics of classroom assignments based on enrollment, and preparing for orientation. The director fields numerous emails and calls throughout the school year from prospective and current members. During the school day, the director keeps WACHE school running smoothly and delegates duties when necessary. This job requires a lot of behind the scenes work.
Assistant Director
Christi Garner
Christi works closely with the WACHE School Director throughout the school day and school year to assist her where needed. The assistant director works to set up the registration website, figures out the logistics of classroom assistant needs based on enrollment. She then makes all parent assignments and inputs this information into the registration website and the online spreadsheet. This job requires a lot of behind the scenes work.  
Education Coordinator
Jill Horsburgh
Jill serves as a helpful resource for teachers by helping them with curriculum and teaching styles as well as providing information on course needs. Jill coordinates the smooth functioning of WACHE School by ensuring that all parent assignments are covered when members are absent. Jill fields messages from those who are going to be absent and makes the substitutes aware of their places to serve.
Early Childhood Coordinator
Our EC Coordinator ensures that the youngest members of our families (nursery through Pre-K) are well cared for. She helps recruit and support teachers, communicates with teachers regularly, and provides parents and teachers with support when conflict resolution is appropriate. Our EC Coordinator will also make sure the classrooms are set up as needed, and that snacks and supplies are available. This person will notify and consult with the director regarding persistent behavior situations, injury to a child, or property damage.