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Standard of Conduct


Heritage Homeschoolers expects each student to maintain Christian standards of courtesy, kindness, morality, honesty, kindness, respect for authority, including their parents. Each student is expected to participate and perform tasks with a good attitude. Every student is required to refrain from profanity, indecent behavior-language-and dress, cheating, lying stealing, any immoral behavior or materials, and from violent or destructive acts towards others, themselves or any property.

Students are expected to abide by these standards throughout enrollment and during Heritage functions and while at home or any place away from Co op. Students found to be in violation of these standards or out of harmony with biblical principles of life and work may be asked to withdraw for the general welfare of Heritage Homeschoolers as a whole.

Heritage is not a ministry to students and families that do not already live by the above mentioned principles. Heritage was founded and operates explicitly as an extension of the biblical foundation established and maintained by the parents.