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Heather Noell To All Instructors

Heather Noell holds a B.S. in Integrated Science and Technology with concentrations in energy, environment, and biotech from James Madison University; a M.S. in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University; a M.S. in Science, Technology, and Society from Virginia Tech; and is currently working on completing her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Science, Technology, and Society from Virginia Tech.  She has enjoyed a variety of diverse STEM-related careers in academia, non-profit, and for-profit settings, including being a futurist, analyst, and project manager, among others. She has worked with virtual reality; modeling and simulation; human factors; engineering; environmental issues; biotech; sustainable energy development; emergency management; pandemic planning; wetland delineation; distributed work; and experimental design. She enjoys teaching, and has had the opportunity to share her love of STEM fields with children and adults in various settings, including several years of teaching at co-ops.  She also homeschools her children, who just completed third and sixth grades.  She lives with her husband, children, and cat in Suffolk.

Current Classes
Marine Biology – Instructor (closed)
Environmental Science with Lab - 2024 – Instructor (open)
Marine Biology - 2024 – Instructor (open)