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Homeschooling for High School

SCCHE offers a summer High School Boot camp as well as a monthly High School Clinic during the school year for families who homeschool high schoolers or who are interested in homeschooling high schoolers.

Our 2020 SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL BOOT CAMP is August 6th. This is our big event of the year to assist parents of high schoolers in planning their high school course of study, making transcripts, and more. High School Boot Camp is a four hour 'intensive training' (thus, Boot Camp) informational session to help homeschool parents navigate the ins and outs of homeschooling high school.

We have recently received flyers with a 25% off coupon code from transcriptmaker.com.  If you are interested, you can pick one up at our High School Clinics in the fall.  If you can't wait til then, send me an email and I'll get one to you. ~~~~ Carita




Our official SCCHE informational sessions on Homeschooling for High School will begin again in September, 2020. We call these our "High School Clinics." Each session will meet at the Family Vision Library on a Tuesday, once a month.

The fall dates will be announced later. There is no charge however registration is strongly encouraged.

Carita Crain is the SCCHE Board member in charge of Parent Education, and she will be leading these meetings. The Crains have 6 children, now ages 22-38. They started homeschooling in 1989, and all were homeschooled through high school. One is special needs, and the others have all earned at least one college degree. Carita has been leading the summer Boot Camps and hosting informal clinics since 2013.

Our High School Clinics focus on the Missouri law, credits, transcripts, record-keeping -- the basics of what you need to know to homeschool through high school. These are informal, sit-down gatherings with many opportunities for you to ask questions. The specific information covered each time is based upon what the attendees want to know. You may come to one, two, or all three clinics.

Please email Carita at se_amo_hannah@hotmail.com if you have a specific question you need answered right away.