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2021-2022 Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not addressed in this document, please send it to [email protected] and we will answer it and may add it to the list here. This is a working document and may be updated periodically.

Support Group 


Why am I being asked to sign a COVID waiver of liability?
This waiver is an acknowledgement that you understand participation in CFS Poway’s programs is voluntary and at your own risk. You will need to print, sign, scan and email it with your membership request to complete your renewal. Please email to [email protected]. It may also be mailed to CFS Poway, P.O. Box 1824 Poway, CA 92074.

What about my volunteer job for membership?
We are planning for in-person events this year. Signups for those volunteer opportunities are available on the website. We encourage your creativity in offering a virtual event which will serve the needs of our members if you would prefer not to meet in larger groups. Please let us know what your ideas are. We are flexible and encourage your initiative.

Our family is not interested in enrolling in class-day, what options are available to us?
Membership in CFS Poway, without joining Co-op, is a great way to stay connected to the homeschool community for support. We will offer online and in-person events, field trips, park day events, access to our online forums, CFS Poway’s facebook page, and emails regarding opportunities that are offered in the community which benefit homeschool families. Please visit our calendar to view our available events which are being added on a regular basis. Our desire is to be a support structure for both veteran and new homeschool families. We share our gifts, talents, and encouragement with one another so beautifully.

Financial Hardship

Our family is currently experiencing financial hardship, is there help available?
Please contact us regarding financial assistance or a payment plan. We would love to be able to pray with you and find a solution. 

Park Day

Will you be hosting park days?
We are currently planning monthly park days on our calendar at Living Way Church.They are approximately once per month on a Friday from 12-2pm. See the calendar for details on those events. 

Field Trips

When will field trips be scheduled?
We have some field trips on the calendar already and hope to have more as soon as venues open up. The size of field trips will be limited to whatever the venues request. Mask requirements will be at the discretion of the venue. We are happy to discuss ideas and plan dates with you. Please contact Sharon at: [email protected]

Sick Policy 

The CFS Poway community is precious and it’s our desire to be considerate and treat one another with great care. Our sick policy will apply to events, field trips, and class day. After spending over a year dealing with a world pandemic, we are more mindful than ever about spreading sickness.

If you or your children are ill, please stay home! Don’t take the chance that you get another family sick. We understand that allergies, sneezing, teething babies, tiredness, and headaches are a normal occurrence, and don’t always indicate you are contagious. Our intention is not to be legalistic with symptoms, but to establish a reasonable standard of care for you to use in showing discretion to protect our community.

Here is a symptom checklist you can refer to, which will help you to decide whether to attend CFS events. 

Fever, chills, severe cough, shortness of breath, exhaustion, muscle aches, nasal congestion, diarrhea, nausea, loss of taste or smell, a positive Covid-19 test even without symptoms.

If you have had any of these symptoms in the previous 24 hours, please do not attend a CFS event; take the day off to rest and heal. 

If you have a positive Covid test, we respectfully request you call or text CFS Corporate Board member Sylvia Pierce at (619) 840-8612.  Your confidentiallity is important to us.


Does CFS Poway require vaccinations to participate in events?
No, we do not ask for vaccination status for membership or class day participation.




What are the dates for the 2021-2022 co-op year?
Thursdays, beginning September 9, 2020 and ending May 19, 2021 with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. There is an orientation September 2, 2021 in the morning for new families and teachers.


When does enrollment open?
Enrollment for classes will occur August 2-4. You must have signed up and paid for CFS Poway membership AND signed up and paid for co-op with your facility fee by July 31st in order to register for classes. Enrollment will be prioritized as always. Remember that co-op registration is processed manually, so please don’t wait until the last few days.

What is the facility fee?
The facility fee is $60 per student and is due 7/31. The maximum facility fee is capped at two students, $120. After that, your other students are free. 

How much do classes cost?
The fees for parent taught classes cover materials and supplies used in class provided by the teacher. Parents are not paid for teaching. Outside teachers and student teachers can charge for their classes, so those fees are set by the teachers. You’ll find those classes are reasonably priced, in comparison to most classes available in the community. All of our teachers teach as a ministry, and for the love of the children.

When will a class schedule be available?
Due to recent changes in our plans for this year, our teachers are prayerfully considering their class offerings and making final decisions. A list of proposed classes is available on the website. Please be aware this is an evolving list. We plan to have the final schedule available by mid-July. We appreciate your patience. Our teachers are parents who are volunteering their time and gifts to serve our CFS family.

Co-op Volunteer Jobs

Will we need to volunteer for in-person classes?
CFS Poway is an all-volunteer, parent-driven co-operative. Every student’s family will be expected to contribute by helping with the weekly tasks which keep our class day running smoothly. A sign-up for volunteer positions will be available after registration (8/16) on a first come, first-served basis.


When are class fees due?
Class fees are due on 8/31, in order to keep your registrations. Registrations will be dropped for any unpaid classes, and those seats will be made available to the next student on the waiting list if one exists. You will need to re-register for any classes at that point. 

What is the refund policy? 
Class fees are fully refundable one week prior to the start of classes except as noted in the class description for individual classes which require materials to be purchased well in advance. If you choose to drop a class after this point, a request for partial refund must be made through the teacher. Refunds will not be processed until the treasurer receives a refund request in writing from the teacher. The amount of the refund will be adjusted by the teacher to cover any supplies already purchased. 


What will the in-person classes be like?
Classes will be held both inside and outside at Living Way Church. Masks and distancing will be at the discretion of teachers, and that preference will be indicated on the class description. Please plan to honor the teacher’s preference if they specify that masks are to be worn. Masks may be worn by students in any class, as a parent chooses. 

Will in-person classes be available to attend virtually?
No. This is not possible due to bandwidth limitations at Living Way, and logistics for teachers.

What if I want to teach?
If you have been a member of CFS Poway for a year, not including 2020/2021, you are eligible to teach. Please contact Heather Laky if you would like to discuss adding a class to the schedule.

Will online co-op classes be available?
Yes, though they will not be scheduled on Thursdays. 

When will online co-op classes meet?
Times for classes will be held during the week, except Thursday, at a time which the teacher has approved with the class day coordinator. 

Will Zoom be available to online teachers?
Yes. We will reimburse Zoom access for any teacher who would like to offer live instruction for their virtual class. Please budget for this in setting your class fee. Your receipt just needs to be submitted with a reimbursement request.

What precautions are in place to prevent my student from being exposed to “Zoom bombing”? 
Zoom has a waiting room feature which requires you to admit students into the meeting. CFS Poway requires the use of a waiting room for all classes under its umbrella. Students must type in their real names so that you do not inadvertently admit someone using an alias. Please change your settings to require a meeting password as well.