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Ten Reasons to Join CHEA

For 25 years the Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA) has been an active and vital advocate for private Christian homeschoolers in California. CHEA provides a number ofimportant benefits to the homeschool community including:

1. Educational Resources CHEA publishes the most crucial and comprehensive literature on homeschooling in California: An Introduction to Home Education manual, The High School Handbook, and the Preschool at Home booklet. CHEA recommends and distributes materials that should be thefoundation for every Christian family's home education, including "The Firm Foundation Library," a collection of books tohelp parents integrate a Christian worldview into the curriculum. Other helpful resources, some hard to find elsewhere, are part of CHEA's Bookstore. All of CHEA's materials are available year-round.

2. Quarterly Member's Only Magazine Receive news, information, and encouragement in approximately 40 pages mailed quarterly to Members only. Articles contain how-tos, resources, and the latest trends and news written by homeschool veterans. Be inspired by reading about what CHEA Members in California are doing -- their challenges and triumphs.

3. Annual Conventions The Annual conventions provide a wonderful opportunity for homeschoolers to come together for worship, support, instruction, and fellowship.

4. Encouragement and protection For those new to home education or veterans who may need affirmation, CHEA's publications instruct and encourage parents in their decision to educate at home. CHEA, in partnership with Family Protection Ministries (Roy Hanson & Jim Davis) and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), protects parents' rights to direct the education of their children.

5. Parent Training / Networking CHEA provides a means to connect with other like-minded people dedicated to honoring God in the raising and educating of their children, and provides opportunities for those with experience and knowledge to train others. It also provides a sense of legitimacy, as the success of others provide models to follow.

6. Leadership Training Each year special training seminars are provided to better equip those who are called to lead homeschool groups. All homeschoolers indirectly benefit as their leaders become more effective.

7. Local Referral Information The CHEA Support Network is comprised of approximately 180 autonomous groups found all over California. To help families find like-minded folks, CHEA has a list of different groups and what they offer. You may have a group near you.

8. Miscellaneous Discounts Many stores and companies offer discounts to members of specific organizations. CHEA is working on a variety of discount plans. One significant offer is through Countrywide Home Loans, offering discounted mortgage fees for CHEA Members.

9. National Networking For over 20 years CHEA's Board members have been attending national leadership conferences sponsored by HSLDA, The Teaching Home Magazine, and now The Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership. Attending these events has allowed CHEA's leadership to gain insight and knowledge about homeschooling, trends, and leadership that they then bring home to benefit all of CHEA's Members. In addition, CHEA Board Members are frequently asked to share their expertise by speaking at these events. One of CHEA's Board Members serves on the Board of The Alliance. National networking such as this increases CHEA's ability to serve.

10. Advancing the Kingdom Many find comfort and strength in knowing that there is a statewide organization like CHEA dedicated to advancing Christian family-based education in California. Your investment in CHEA, through membership fees and donations, will help maintain and increase this ministry for your children and for the Kingdom.

Private Christian homeschooling will only survive as we work together. CHEA needs your financial support through Membership fees and donations. Please join today and if possible make a donation above your Membership fee.

To join, visit their website at